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  1. I think it's going to be a HUGE embrassment to Pontiac when the '05 comes out and the sales from the 1st 2 weeks overtake the sales from all of this year for the GTO. I would have thought that a "resurrection" of the GTO would have brought better things, and with not that much RWD V8 competition for the '05....things could get ugly. I really think that (obviously depending on price) the '05 could be one of the top selling cars of this coming year....especially if Ford doesn't price themselves out of the market. Even with the "new" GTO getting the LS2 and's too expensive. Especially given it's lack of "aggressive" styling....
  2. I here ya

    American car manufacturers have really lost touch with the dynamics of the US market (IMHO).

    The "tuner" market is so huge and the 16-30 year old market is being way under served.

    They really missed the boat with the THUNDERBIRD. I don't know a single person under 45 years of age that remotely thinks the car is cool. When Ford brought back the thunderbird they had a real opportunity to go right after the Toyota Matrix, Scion, Honda Civic, Acura RSX type S, Nissan 350Z and the soon to be out Toyota Supra.

    Or they could have even positioned it as a 2 seater targeted at the VET market.

    But instead they went totally grandma and grandpa with it.

    To tie this all together, they even back peddled with the new 2005 Stang and went Retro. Now yes I like the new look...but I am 35 and my 45 year old brother had a 66 fastback when I was growing with me there is a connection. But truthfully I wonder if FORDS design team is really capable of producing a new forward looking concept.

    Anyway my 2 cents.
  3. I'm with ya. It seems that (esp lately) anytime one manufacturer comes out with a car that's a "hit" there are 3-4 more just like it from other companies looking to capitalize on the "trend". Nothing's original anymore. All the cars seem to meld together....I guess that's why aftermarket is so big for cars right now.....because people want a car that's "unique" and "their own". Not just another stamped factory yawn inducer.