Salesman/Dealers dont know anything special

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  1. Every day there is some crazy post about something a salesman/dealer said. Ford doesn’t release details to these morons for fear of leaks, its all speculation that is passed down as fact by some gold chain wearing salesman who drives a Focus. Also most aren’t interested enough to even ask about it. They are more concerned about making cash.

    When was the last time a car salesman knew half as much as you about mustangs. Mine tried to tell me my 2003 cobra had a 5.0 300 horsepower engine. He was an SVT certified salesman at a SVT certified dealer. These guys aren’t car guys they are salesman. You can find more accurate information in 5 minutes on google than you can in an hour with a dealer/salesman.

    We’ve had threads about $20,000 v8 Stangs, irs Stangs, the Shelby for 05, 5.4 Stangs, 6 speed Stangs, the cobra for 05, $27,500 base prices, and about 100 other rumors that are totally false or pure speculation. I remember posts on here where people were getting pissed because they swore a $20,000 v8 was coming because they heard it on the intro and their dealer backed it up.

    Why do you guys think you can get more accurate info from a dealer than an investigative journalism site? Yeah your local ford dealer will know more, sooner than Edmonds or any other automotive journalism sites combined.

    I’m sure you ford dealer is different though because his cousins doctors secretaries veterinarians uncle knows a guy that heard from a friend who knows the lead engineer for team mustang that told him so.

    If anything was ever released to a dealer it would be on the net in about 10 seconds. Hell even the C.I.A cant keep things a secret you think Joe Blow Ford in Bum F#[email protected] Arkansas could do any better?
  2. That's exactly why I won't even walk into a dealer until I know everything from a reliable source, and know what I want to order. I'll also be taking along some burly car buddies, since I have the disadvantage of being a girl.

    . . .So help me god if a salesmen ever points out what a lovely rearview mirror a car has :chair:
  3. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  4. Ya, being a little girl in a car guy's world sucks at the best of times :bs:
    I'm not going to let a little condescending hold me back. My friend will just have to hold me back from punching the condescending idiot salesman in the face. :p . . .And that's when I get kicked out of the dealersihp and have to find another, who hopefully won't make the mistake of saying that the trunk has plenty of room for all the clothes I'll be packing when I go out of town to the spa on the weekend :mad:
    I'm looking forward to a new car, but definately not looking forward to the hassle
  5. Then do yourself a favor and buy your 05 Stang this way:

    Use Mustang forums like StangNet to learn all you can about the 05 Mustang. Use web sites like Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds to get the exact options & pricing that you want (including dealer invoice). Then order your car over the phone or internet with the dealer's internet sales person. That way you will get the best price and not have to deal with any condecensing sales jerk.
  6. Ya that's kind of the plan, but I'll do it in person, I'm just going to walk in knowing exactly what I want and how much it's going to cost me and order it up, and be on my way.
  7. I never have any problems dealing with car salesmen. Usualy after I talk to them for a few min and and they see that I know more then them they usualy shut up and give me what I want...usualy for a really low price too.
    Anyways, the dealers know NOTHING about the 05...or the current stangs for that matter. Everytime I go there I get all sorts of crazy stories. I went for a sales position intervuiew at ford a while ago. I think I pissed the guy intervuiewing me off cuz when he stareted asking me about cars I corrected him on almost everyone.
  8. Very well said. :nice:
    Most dealers have an internet sales guy (which allows them to sell the car to you cheaper).
    Good Luck
  9. But, as soon as you walk in to the dealer and deal with a regular salesman the price is higher because they need to make more commission.

    Set everything up via. e-mail with the dealer's internet sales person. Then go in to finalize the deal face to face, you can always back out of the deal at that point if you don't feel comfortable. Don't walk in cold and just deal with the first sales person that walks up to you. Remember the higher price they get you to pay, the more commission they make.
  10. Hmm good point, thanks for the advice :nice:
  11. Actually there is no need to deal with a salesman at all. Online sites like (and there are others) is the one of the best ways to exclude the middleman. I mean why pay this "in-between" anything??? When I purchase my 05 GT it will arrive at the dealership of my choosing and will have something the salesmen hanging around the lot will hate to see. A CARSDIRECT.COM sticker on the window indicating that the vehicle was purchased directly from FoMoCo. stands to profit from applicable sales tax. And of course, the dealership stands to profit (as well it should) destination charges. But I have eliminated two things...a comission starved middle man, and the most important thing an awesome deal (under MSRP). :nice: :nice:
  12. Is it safe to assume that is an USA only type of thing? Since it asks for Zip code and there doesn't seem to be any link to either a Candian affiliate site or a "click here for Canadian residents" type of thing :shrug:
    It'd be a good idea though. Only thing is that if something screws up along the way it's always nice to have a human face to scream at and hold accountable.
  13. Actually some salesmen (and women) do know alot more than we give them credit for. And no I'm no salesman (I'm a mailman), but if you goto and read Kevinb120's comments, you'll realize that he is very knowlegable AND gives excellent insights about the 05.