Salvage title Terminator, whats it worth??

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  1. Hey, wanted to gauge a price on this. Without a salvage title I could see it for going for this much. But how much does a salvage title hurt the cost of the car? It has nothing damaged that I could see, except for the transmission needing an overhaul or maybe a replacement. If I pickup the car and all the mods with it, what should I offer realistically without being a douche?

    here is his ad;

    2003 Cobra with 50,004 miles, alot of mods.

    Steig. Stage V, Ported Supercharger, BF 2.8 supercharger pulley. Solid Axle swap, with adjustable lower control arms, and solid upper control arms. JLT Intake, Exhaust, ect ect...

    Currently there is an issue with the transmission, seems to be the 3/4 synchro is having issues. Still driveable 3rd just grinds. Should be an easy fix.

    Also has a Salvage title due to the first owner having it stole for 2 weeks and found in a parking lot with no issues after. However he still took the insurance claim on it. Everything is covered in the carfax report.

    Waiting on a pulley to get in from billetflow for the supercharger right now, should be in by Wednesday if anyone would like to see the car before then it would be fine. However untill I get the pulley it can't be driven. It starts and runs, it just has no belt on it.

    I also have a Kenne Bell 2.2L, Single Blade Throttle body, Handheld tuner, and a few other things if interested. It will be extra of course. If not I can sell separate. I have everything to make this car a 600+ HP car, just not the wife that supports it lol.

    I will take offers on it, just not lowballing. This is a very hard to come by car in Germany. And still holds its value very well in the states. Send me an email and we can go from there. Pic request or anything else you need. I do have the title in hand.
  2. Usually a salvage title on a car would make it worth 60% of its value - Mods mean nothing. So i'd say like 14k would be a reasonable market offer.
  3. they are right, one reason is the insurance will not give you the same coverage since it was salvaged.. so thats one part. it usually will take a good 40-50% off the value ...mods or not,. insurance see it as a risk, usually due to flood damage or being stolen before and who knows whats happened after insuarance and loan value arent gonna be that great..
  4. Funny this thread came up - i'm currently looking at a flood salvage car that has engine damage. I'm going in with a super low offer only because its going to need 10k in repairs to be made running and drive able again.