Salvage Title??

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  1. Hey, I found a guy willing to trade my Tacoma for his 2003 Blue GT 5-Speed. Although it has a salvage title because it was a theft recovery from an insurance company... Is there still a factory warranty and all that good stuff with a "Salvage" title? The GT has 7150 miles on it!!! Yay or Nay?

    Thanks guys!
  2. [QUOTE= it!!! Yay or Nay?

    He probably is so willing, because it is tough to sell a car with a salvage title. People just shy away from them. You might have a tough time selling it when you are ready??? He will be relieved to get your Tacoma with a CLEAN title, I would be to!
  3. Well I would be driving the 'Stang for years, and most likely not sell for a long time...
  4. Thats cool, just having a salvage title sucks :spot:
  5. Do not under any circumstances buy a car with a salvage title!This guy is scamming you! Get a carfax on it and I bet you you'll see it has been wrecked. The only reason I say this is when I was 16 and didn't know better I bought a truck with a salvage title from a small car dealer that gave me that crap about it being stolen, when it had been totaled! The scam is as long as you are aware of the salvage title when you buy it, the seller isn't liable , and your stuck with a POS! Don't let your excitment of getting a stang get you into something youll regret later, cause once you get that salvage car you will be stuck with it.If you want to get rid of your truck just sell it and take your time and find a nice mustang that hasn't been wrecked. And make sure you get a carfax vehicle history report on it.Good luck and remember, If something is too good to be true it probably is! :bs: :bs: :bs:
  6. post more details about the other car and your tacoma . If you dont wanna trade a friend of mine is dying to get a mustang and has a 4WD that he wants to trade for a 4wd , so if you dont want it email me the details about it so i can tell my friend about it [email protected]
  7. I have a 2000 Toyota Tacoma SR5 TRD 4x4, Black Extended Cab. It has new Gibson Exhaust and Pioneer system. 54k miles on it. The 2003 GT is the Premium Package, leather, 7000ish miles, salvage title, spoiler, etc....
  8. well I would go to and look up the value of your car and the compare it to the price of HALF of what ever it says that car is worth and go from there , for example if you truck is worth 12G but the car is worth 16 , then realistically the car might be worth 8G because of the title . so in that case I wouldnt trade .
  9. carfax it.
  10. Carfax. If it is truly a salvage because of theft, it is a good buy. If not, then probably not a good buy. I speak from experience, having just sold a 2000 GT with salvage from wreck, and helping friends with their salvages from theft. The thefts are usually a good deal.

  11. some people put too much faith in Carfax. i know your options are limited when it comes to getting the history of vehicles but Carfax doesn't always have the answers (i dealt with them in my previous job for about 6 years, everyone makes mistakes....DMV, Inspections, previous owner,etc.). i would not trade it straight up for your truck because the truck is worth more. have a mechanic look the vehicle over and check the vehicle history with the DMV (it has to be the main branch). if it is salvage for the "theft" reason only then I would still consider buying it. In NC a vehicle that is stolen (out of state vehicle) and then titled in NC it is given a "salvage title". Every state has it's own guidelines but I would never go by just what someone tells me (dealer, private party). It is really hard to know the exact history of a used car because there are so many ways to hide things (no uniform standards between states). good luck.
  12. I worked at a body shop and got a '94 Camaro that was totaled. I had it repaired and documented the repair. A couple years later I sold it to a kid for a great price (because of the salvage title). There's nothing wrong with salvaged cars if they are fixed right.
    Make sure you know why it is salvaged and if it had repairs make sure it was done right.
  13. basiclly A salvage title is worth 1/2 of kelly blue book wholesale price, check on insurance, some companys won't issue full coverage on salvage vehicles, and they're harder to finace as well...
  14. won't you have hard time registering with Salvage title? I thought DMV have to check it out and make sure that nothing is stolen to rebuild car. My buddy bought bike with Salvage title, and it took him 2 years to be able to get new tilte for it
  15. Unless it is different over there, there shouldn't be a problem with registering a salvage or obtaining a title.

  16. No warranty on a salvage title...
    also Salvage is not bad at all... that would make for a great fun/project car... instead of a garage beauty... sorry to all who garage their cars for the winter
  17. Make sure it has airbags also often they are stolen and not replaced because they are expensive.

    Having a salvage title isnt that bad for you if you keep the car and it has no frame damage (which a theft shoudlnt have). You take a hell of a hit on resale though as most people wont touch them. They seem to go for at least $5000 less than a clean title car. Figure what your truck is worth and then do the mustang math minus $5000. If it doesnt have airbags subtract another $1000. If the values arent equal then sell your truck and buy a used 1999-2001.

    Also make sure it only has a good title with salvage history so it can be re-registered. A pure salvage title can bring hassles.
  18. I agree that under any circumstances don't
    buy this stang with a salvage title period.Travis what ever happened you
    should have got that 01 GT you liked so,much I think you missed out
    on a nice stang and a decent deal. :nonono:
  19. Some states require an inspection of the vehicle prior to issuing a new title. Check into your states requirements before buying.

    Salvage title cars can be a good deal provided you get a good price for it, no what really caused it be salvaged, and plan on holding on to the car for at least 10 years. After that length of time whether its been salvaged or not doesn't really effect its value any more if its in working order.
  20. That white 01 turned out to be a POS, the tranny was gone... The search continues :)