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  1. Well I've been putting it off long enough, this is the new name for me- :p Trish

    Hopefully StangDreamin' will catch the name and check the post becuase the new boyfriend said he would post under me to help break the ice with StangDreamin'

    -Here's hoping this stops the shotgun welcome...:jaw:


    PS I'll post a new profile pic soon.
  2. edit****

    finally read the post and it looks like i posted in someones spot. i just seen ft

    retreating now.

    ft. polk? im so so so sorry
  3. :rlaugh:
  4. I did.
    So, who's gonna explain that avatar to me?
    Been looking at a very precise Norinco M14-pattern semi-auto. So the 12 ga. may get supplanted by something firing a .308 (aka 7.62 NATO)
    EDIT: Up for sale by my ol' buddy from the hospital boiler room - the guy who custom-loads for my S&W Mountain Gun.
    Still wanna know about that avatar.
  5. Great, set up for failure by my own g/f! Hi Trish!

    StangDreamin, guess I should introduce myself. Yeah, that's a familiar looking hood/car in her avatar... I'll let Trish explain it. (talking on the phone with her right now, she says she'll send you the full size pic if you want it, and for the record it wasn't my idea and I didn't take the pic, I only encouraged using my car as opposed to a PT Cruiser).

    .308 huh? Yeah that's a scary thought, those things are entirely too accurate from too far out.... Think I'll be staying away from Yuma for a very long time...
    That or I'll have to bring a squad with me for house-clearing when I visit :)

    On the serious side, I'm kinda hoping to keep the peace in actuality. I am sure she has told you a thing or two about me...
  6. Cool passing the buck right along... Well that pic is one of several we ( being a group of friends that may or may not have had alchohol involved when the decision was made) took one night a few weeks ago, involving every female on hand and several vehicle swap outs and even more outfit changes to see what we could do with skimpy clothes and redneck lighting fixtures as far as pictures getting taken around/on the vehicles.. ( And actually if you see the full size pic you can make out the tink mobile in the background of the pic).
    When I decided on the avatar it was either that pic or one that while more was covered it was a lot more suggestive...:nono: and well ya know Stangnet is a family place so I figured the bathing suit would be more appropriate. :SNSign:
    Now as far as the gunbearing dad goes....
    Huh... Well On the plus side he didn't say hed be waiting locked and loaded at the airport...:scratch: Me thinks this may be a conspiracy of the closet variety....Must watch and analyze situation further.:rolleyes:

  7. EDIT BEFORE-HAND: Didn't know Trish had just posted when I started typing this! Mine is supposed to be a reply to SVT306!
    Okay, I already replied to the "POS Cruiser" statement over on the "warrior" thread. So, tell me about this '94......

    Trish hasn't said a whole heckuva lot yet, only that you are presently at Ft Joke; and that you had been at Lost-in-the-Woods. Gotta say, I usually get a little nervous when the kids don't talk about their friends :D

    OBTW; you've probably trained to operate against the Mid-Eastern cultures.... ever learned anything about Southwestern Rednecks??? (We like scorpions and rattlers) Slavic cultures? (You knew she is 1/2 Hungarian, didn't you?) How about the PIRA? (My side of the family) It can get a little interesting around here....... :rolleyes:

    You may well hear from an advance scout. Guy about 50, 4'9" (he's closer to your kneecaps than you are); known for juggling roofing axes, although he generally prefers broadswords when he does Medieval re-enactments. Originally from the Quad Cities; spent some time in Tucson (married an H.S. classmate of Mrs StangDreamin'), and moved back to East Dessss Mo-ines around '92. He and his wife were the first outside our family to meet Trish immediately after she was born. Just to let you off the hook, I'll help ya out a little. If he ever shows up at your family spread, just say, "Oh hi! you must be Uncle Dave!"

    Welcome to the crew, kid.
  8. Oh..... that's reassuring! :rolleyes:

    I think you remember Jeff - he was the guy that kept the lead-pot on top of the co-generation turbos; and we'd chop up old wall-lining lead (from the X-ray Dept remodel) and antinomy to cast 250-grain SWC's for our .44's The guy who abbreviated the "hospital TV-robbing" ring by running down the one miscreant with his Fat Boy. That's who's selling the M14 clone.
    And you know by know that bragging about future plans only spoils the element of surprise :nono: :D
  9. Well I like it but that may just be a biased opinion

    Dad- Quote me correctly please, I said he was between here and Bragg in Iowa on leave, not so sure where you got Lost -in -the- woods from:scratch:

    Thanks dad, the objective is NOTto scare him away, and besides his family is a lot like ours in a lot of ways.

    :scratch: :crazy: :eek: WTF?!!! Talk about confusing.... First you bare arms then you welcome him to the crew??? Talk about CONFUSED!

  10. "Bare arms"????? What-am I Larry the Cable Guy? :p

    And "Confused" is the way I like boyfriends when I'm first introduced to them! :D

    EDIT: OBTW, I did the "height times girth times depth at the flanks" old cowhands' guesstimate this evening; I think I've gotten Dutch up to around 1100-1150 lbs already. Gotta get him out in the sandhills early mornings, though - he's still got a skinnier chest/brisket than even Chance.
  11. :OT:
    SUCCESSFUL THREADJACKING IN PROGRESS... ( On my own thread none the less!)

    That's what Lori was saying, which brings up something, Lori may be out with a friend of hers to go trail riding and she may use Chance while she puts her less then horse sensing friend on Art since he's less likely to start something on the trail with an inexperienced rider. So if you go out and see Loris trailer there but no Art or Chance don't freak out, She's got permission, especially since I can't go ride him myself. If possible I'd love to get some pics of Dutch, Rascal, and Chance out in turnout. Has Matt been riding on his own in the arena at all? I know he really likes riding with others but if he starts doing it on his own let me know and I 'll see if Lori could gets some pics of it for me.

    EDIT: OH Yea BTW Hows Dutch for less then experienced riders? About the same as Rascal or what? Just trying to figure out which horse I'll be borrowing whenever I finally get to come home. Waiting on the 82nds schedule as far as leave goes so I know when for sure I can bring somebody home since I kinda owe him after both his mom and grandma offered to show me the baby pics...:D


  12. ROTFLMAO!!!

    As far as the cultural considerations, yes I have trained to operate against (and AS in the OPFOR Mode) a middle eastern terrorist organization. As far as Southwestern Rednecks, that'll be a learning curve, but I am well versed in Midwestern Rednecks and Loosiana Coon-azz rednecks, so maybe I can draw off of that. Slavic? I'm part Czech myself.. PIRA? Got that covered. My last name happens to be McCurdy.... :D

    Anyway. As far as the '94, most of it is in the Cardomain account in my sig. Had the car since High School, it's Cobra #1661 for '94. I've done all the wrenchwork on it except the shortblock rebuild, which was done while I was in Iraq in '03. Mustang Enthusiast Magazine did a photo shoot on it at WFC9 in STL, and it should be a feature article car in January or February '07.

    Thanks for the mixed welcome, and I'll be on the lookout for Uncle Dave! Just tell him to beware the Border Collie in the yard, he may get severely licked! (and his wheels will likely get peed on) lol
  13. She was out last weekend. Had herself on Darla, and Justin (another Justin???) on Art. Apparently Art behaved himself for Justin; other than he (Art) refused to keep up with Lori/Dar-Dar on the sandhills!
    Ditto - wish Jessie would find my camera.
    I'll answer that next--->

    Last weekend, Chance was being his normal PITA self while your Mom was trying to pony him around with Matt on a bareback pad. First, he tried to bite Rascal repeatedly 'til Rascal removed a small (1"x1/2") patch of Chance's hide in retaliation. (Cut-Away and furesin fixed him up). Dancing and crow hopping amongst the two, and both your mother and Matt stayed on. :nice:
    Then I took over pony-ing them; and Chance went after Dutch, who's such a total wimp. :nonono: I finally put Matt on Dutch and drug Chance back to the stalls (which is what he wanted). Stripped off the pad, saddled him up with your Dale Chavez (you don't have to worry about me stealing that saddle from you - I like my rope saddle); bitted him with the twisted wire and threw the tie-down on for good measure. All of which was definitely not what he wanted! :D While Chance and I were "in school"; Matt spent an hour or two on Dutch -total self-control, your mother wasn't even in the arena much of the time. Life is good. Dutch tries to do anything you ask of him; and so far, an inexperienced well-meaning rider is easier for him than being entertainment at the PO's drinking parties. :rolleyes:
    So, yeah, Dutch is okay with an inexperienced rider. Other than he's neck-rein only. If you tuck in a leg to turn him, he just thinks you forgot the other one - and squeeze or tap means speed up -NOW!

    Gotta go, I'm on a short break from the workday.

    Or not :D
  14. Did someone say THREADJACKING???

    Is this an *Authorized* Threadjacking? Do you have your Official CGC issued threadjacking permits?:nono:

    And with all this talk about Middle Eastern operatives, Southwestern Rednecks, .308s, knives roof axes and Uncle Daves, you forgot to mention THAT Which resides in the deepest, darkest crannies (where even the Bravest Fear to Tread) in the Closet of Your Mind....................and it's got it's own axe!:eek:

    Give y'all another was bred from Goddamned Yankee Redneck stock!:nice:

    There..............this threadhijacking now has a CGC Seal of Approval and Authorization!
  15. Woo Hoo! We are sanstioned now.. by the powers that be the BBFCM anyway.. now if we could get Chelle in on it we might even start off the summer swimming season down in the gutter!:nice:
    Oh BTW SVT306- Could you ask your mom to hook me up with the Cowgirl Racin Decal, maybe? If not what was the name of the guy here who does half way decent decals?

    Incase anybody was wondering what I've been up to the past 24hrs, Today I'll be finishing up two custom 3 way speaker setup in the front doors of the truck ( With a little help from a fellow car enthusiast). Yesterday learned how make the fiberglass base and today we'll be stretching the fleece and seeing the finished product.:D :D I'll be posting pics soon. Next weeks project might be the custom bumpers/ Brushgard if I can find the supplies.

  16. Mom doesn't currently have any pink vinyl, plus windshield banners can be hard to ship without hurting them.

    Gary at Sunblock on 171 can hook you up with about anything you need, very reasonable prices and very fast work. Tell him you need a pink Street Machine Performance decal too, same size as the others if you want...he usually charged me 4-5 bucks each for SMP stuff.

    Don't let Frank or Kenny at Advance talk you into using their guy either, I've tried his stuff. He's kinda new at vinyl and bottom line, he sucks at it.
  17. Hey now, don't forget that at least one CGC professional performed the original threadjack; and has been taking part in the threadjack of the threadjack!
    Just 'cause I'm a Redneck of the Desert Dawg clan; I haven't forgotten that I'm a direct and immediate first-generation (both sides) descendent of the Western New York tribe of the Goddamned Yankee clan :D

    I just told you, I was already here and rubber-stamped it. I can't help it you didn't show up until late in the game! :lol:

  18. PINK vinyl??? Whoever said anything about pink? That would just look TOO GIRLY for my truck, despite the heavy duty tinkerbell floor matts. So Gary at Sunblock huh? And why do I need an SMP sticker too??? Thanks hun, It'll hafta wait til the 15th though, the fun money allowance for this week has been spent on Speakers that arent even in my truck yet:bang: Needless to say after that comment, My truck still has no music which sucks!:bang: :bang: Well I'm off to try to get some sleep to make up for waking up last night at 1:30 am cuz SOMEBODY called me and then I couldn't fall asleep afterwards...

    that's okay though I can't say I didnt love hearing from him...

  19. Grrr.. Phone tag sucks when nobody has any signal!!!!
  20. Yahoo

    You can find me on it pretty often, ta_cowgirl04. Maybe next time.

    In the mean time what are you doing still up? its almost midnight.