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  1. Your just jealous that MY SPOTLIGHT is bigger than your spotlight

    Waaaaaaa! So there!:p

    Now to start yet another threadjack upon my already threadjacked twice over thread... StangDreamin' Please do not plan on my phone being operable much longer, as I think I may hafta break down and change service provicders to Cingular as its apparently the only Lousiana proof service. Go figure that. Anyway, I need to get with you about keeping my number and what not. And OBTW I need to get hold of you. when will you have your phone on you so i can call you from a friend's phone? Let me know..

  2. PM being sent.

    EDIT: PM has been sent
    EDIT AGAIN: 2nd PM sent.

  3. Bullsh.. I am not jealous of your spotlight. I didn't have to change my sn, and I have a vehicle newer than yours. I've got almost everything I want, so I don't need the massive attention a spotlight brings. I can survive off the light given by a single headlight on a two wheeled dream.

  4. As promised pics from the the new speaker job

    Beware this oculd take forever to download all the pics.

    But as I promised here are the pics for the last new and improved stuff to the tink mobile


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  5. next two pics

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  6. and the finished products

    TADA!!! SEE what I did?! Not too shabby lookin either...

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  7. I don't know. I doubt it'll sound as good to me as a Vtwin wide open on the freeway. But maybe that's just me. :shrug:
  8. Pretty cool, Trish; can't wait to hear it next time your truck and I are in the same time zone. Makes me want to jump right in and upgrade the sound system in Larry(at). :p
    [inner voice of conscience=ON] NO! NO! NO! Get the e-fans installed FIRST! Power and economy, THEN make it sound better! [/inner voice of conscience]

    Taking a chill pill right effing now wouldn't be a bad idea..... :notnice:
  9. Sounds like a stalker I once shot....................
  10. :eek: right effing now??? Yikes.... umm .... well in other news I'l be out on the town with the girls tonight. you kids have fun...


    *scampers off to the wild blue not so yonder of Sleezeville Lousy-ana!*:rlaugh:

  11. Relax man. I'm cool. Just got a lot on my mind. Still gotta finish clearing Korea. I'm down to 8 working days because no work gets done on Thurs around here. Med guys really don't do a lot of Sgt's Time Training, but the rest of the army is big on it. Call it "maintaining the standard". BUT! I don't have to do it for two weeks! Got an appt this week for clearing stuff, and next week is final clearing. All set to get back on the third.

  12. Hmmm, I seem to have already discovered this... :D
  13. Yeah, but she obviously hasn't told you about the negative attention she (and other people) have gotten from me when they've raised too much of a ruckus! :chair:

    See, I'm an easy-going person (unlike Trish and her mother) until somebody makes the mistake of pushing too far. :uzi:
    Somebody really needs to develop a :shotgun: smiley (12 ga hulls flying) for unrepentant 'Necks like me :p

    Don't worry, you're not there yet :D

  15. Now since when am I not an easygoing person. I take after more you then mom... OH wait maybe that would expalin the lack of easygoingness... too much time of following you to the jaycee stuff.. I get it now..


  16. I have no opinion.....:)

    BTW I personally want a MK19 smiley :) or maybe a C-130 or C-17 dropping airborne smileys...
  17. Now that was your idea!

    And remember, I did not teach you to chase (with a 2lb hand-sledge) the Napoleanic midget former Marine out of your end of the Rodeo arena. :eek:

    I was the guy trying to hide under the truck at that point; cause I'd heard what he said and knew it would set you off
  18. Clu-u-u-u-ck, cluck cluck cluck :p
    Sorry man, best I can do is a copy of a circa 1944 picture from the New York Times of my father's loadmaster pushing members of the 508th (I think?) PIR out the door of Dad's C47. :shrug: No Mk19's; but they were carrying M1's when they jumped :)
  19. Oh sure! That's just what we need.....a walking, talking green-skinned, one-eyed critter running amok in the Closet blasting away at every little creak and shadow, and me with my body armor at the dry cleaners!:nonono:

  20. I don't know which part of that mental image scared me more... my dad as the one eyed critter blasting at every creak and shadow or the BBFCM in body armor that's been dry cleaned...???:rlaugh: :eek:


    And in case anybody else wasn't counting 2 more days and a wakeup before a reprieve from Ft. Puke Lousy-Ana! YAY!