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  1. Especially since the last time the cleaners had my body armor, they shrunk it!:eek:

  2. No they didn't. you just never went back to pick it up 'til after you hit all those firehouse Christmas Parties and Nursing Home potlucks! :p

    EDIT: Besides which, you said you were having fun when you went out with me to go pin-shooting with the ol' S&W Mdl 629, so whassup? :scratch:

  3. Yeah, and I have 3 and a wake up till I get out of this freaking country! ha! Almost got my harley too..... On a side note, as bad as this country has treated me, I can say there is more to do here than there. Polk was a wasteland. I often wonder what kind of affect it's haveing on your sanity. Korea killed what was left of mine.

    God, I can't wait to get out of here!

    ~Stranded in Korea, but not for much longer.
  4. *stares at once again non operative phone and scowls*


    Glad to be getting the new one come Saturday, cuz SVTcobra's due back from the wild green yonder of Ft. Bragg either tonight or tommorow...

    *hisses at phone only to watch it catch Analog roaming for a split second only to reset itself back to searching for service* :bang: Stupid Hecho En Mexico phone

    Anyway, can't believe I'm saying this but this post is what you make of it. While the surroundings kinda suck, if you hang with good people it's not as bad as it really could be. Thank God for my "home away from the barracks" up on North Fort. That entire neighborhood has been a sanity saving grace.

  5. Yeah, if you are willing to put forth a little effort there is plenty to keep you busy around Ft. Polk. Yeah there's a lot more around bragg, but a lot more ways to get in trouble or hurt also....

    oh, BTW I'll call tonite when I get a chance, we were pretty busy today seein' all the sights in D.C. All that's left is the Pentagon (gettin' to go inside!) and the Smithsonian tomorrow, then I'll go back to NC>
  7. Hey, since this is just a crazy post OBVIOUSLY in need of a hijacking YET AGAIN, here I am.

    'nuff said
  8. Andrew!!!

    Whassup, man? Long time no see :cheers:
  9. OMG I thought you fell off the face of Tucson never to be seen or heard from again. Hows it going? :jaw: :eek:

    Now I know the GBM May very well show back up!

  10. you look vaguely familiar, but i can't be sure, what with the alzheimer's and poor eyesight, etc.....................:shrug:
  11. Huh....?

    Well he showed up only to disappear again. See I thought he fell off the face of the Gutter.. His redisappearance proves it!

    Now if I were a believer in superstitious happenings this would qualify as super suspiscious (SP?) behavior.

  12. Welcome to the Closet/Gutter Zone..........................:shrug:
  13. I just had this thought......

    We start talking about the GBM on one thread, and Doogie pops up in another.

    Coincidence? Or.................
  14. Dum Dum Dum! Its a closet Conspiracy! Next thing you know we'll see Sheeple trying to take over again.
  15. Sorry...

    I'm overseas right now. The internet isn't always available.

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  16. more pics of the 68

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  17. And the other mustang. And me, with my big eyebrows.

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  18. Yet one more example of those "things that make you go :scratch: " - is it just me or does that picture of "...the other mustang" look remarkably like SVTCobra306's ride? Obviously, 87gn2's car has that piece of khaki sailcloth where AJ's car has a real roof; but they both have that representaion of an overzealous garden snake on the front quarter panel, and the tailights are awfully similar.


  19. Not even... There's a lot of differences I can name off the top of my head for one thing the year, the fact that AJ's has the darker headlamps,striping and that's just at first glance.

    And prolly even more differences that AJ would be able to notice better then I could.

    :OT: Totally different direction, how long you been in the sandbox, Andrew? And when you due back stateside...?

  20. Well, my headlamps are only covers, but the taillights are different (mine has vertically stacked lights, his are 3 in a row), wheels are different, hood is waaay different (plus he has no hood ornament.......>:))

    Like Trish said, no side stripes... No side scoops for that matter, and the calipers aren't blue...

    Plus since his is a '97 he has a different drivetrain also, a DOHC 4.6/T45 compared to my 5.0 pushrod motor/Tremec (used to be a t-5).

    Basically, they're both Cobras, and they're both crystal white. :)

    I'd better stop, or I'll end up getting a cowbell rang at me.... lol