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  1. Nothin' "Closet" about this conspiracy at all....:nonono:
  2. And on the inside, mine is getting a semi-custom suede/cloth interior right now, though it used to have saddle leather...

    I don't want to modify my cobra...that much. Eh, who am I kidding, its probably getting a full maximum motorsports suspension when I get back.

    I still don't know what number my cobra is. I guess I have to call SVT or something.

    Yes, it doesn't have a real top, but the convertible sure is fun. Not as fast as AJs, I'm sure, even without nitrous.

    I notice that you have a '97 rear bumper, AJ. Wow, your car has a lot of mods. Mine has flowmasters, thats it, and I didn't even put them on (or know they were there, until I got the car on the lift and said "that welding job doesn't look factory...wait a second...flowmasters!?") I had been driving around for weeks saying "why would anyone want to change this exhaust". Flows with an H pipe = sexual.

    My car only put down 240/244 to the wheels, which puzzles me. It pulled a length on an LS1 camaro from 70 to 120, and my top was down. I absolutely destroyed a LT1 camaro who had a gnarly exhaust system. It feels a tick slower than my 68, which through a dying C4 managed to stay neck and neck with my dads 2004 corvette. I think my dyno was low b/c the idiot in the shop did 3 back to back runs with no cooldown in between (in Tucson at noon), he didn't even put it in the right gear for the first run (3rd gear = 440 torque! sweet!), and whoever welded in those flowmasters was a moron.

    But I digress...

    I've been in Iraq since January, will be here until november.

  3. Yea I was gonna not mod something? Yea that'll happen. Sucks to be over in the sandbox ( Don't know from personal experience and prolly won't get the chance to because only 1% of my MOS actually gets to see any Middle East time.) Let me know when you get back stateside, pending where they stick ya Might hang out sometime.

    Well I certainly hope you mean me... or was it one of the other hood ornaments of that evening?!?!

    Hey now leave dad's new fangled road rage alone. It provides good entertainment for my little brother... Heck I even thought it was a little funny to watch my dad reach for the cowbell and shake it vigorously at the offending traffic...:rlaugh:

    In other news, StangDreamin- Check your Gmail before sending my phone tommorow have a c/o address for ya. SvtCobra- Sorry my current phone sucks... read your email too!
  4. It doesn't really suck over here. Theres some BS but hey, I'm still alive. And convoys get boring when you don't get blown up.

    Back in the states, I'm at Camp Pendleton. But I get out in January.

  5. ?? Yeah I was really talking about the gigantic dog that was in one of the pics :p

  6. Blade??? I've been replaced by a Great dane?! WTF?! (J/k):p
  7. You going back to AZ after your enlistment?

  8. hey, Andrew, swing by Lawton when you get a chance. I doubt my unit will be deploying for a while. the sister company is due back with ya. figure you gotta drive cross country if you're taking one home, so swing by. PM me if you want my number. I'll show you the hog.