Sand Bagging

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  1. Who drives there stang during the winter and sand bags? And how much weight do you usually run?
    I have a coupe and i think im going to go with 2 - 70lb bags

    btw i hate winter :notnice:
  2. 70-100lbs is plenty. any more than that, and you will adversely effect other handling characteristics.... like braking.
  3. You don't even need that much really....well, maybe you do. Last couple years I ran one 50 lb sand bag, but then I also had a full size spare, a small toolbox, and my battery was back there too, so that was probably at least 100 lbs :shrug:
  4. My box added quite a bit of weight, so I haven't put any extra weight since then. But I used to have a tool box (big) that I put concrete solid blocks in to add weight. Its just what I had, but sand is good.
  5. i just leave me slicks for the tc in the trunk. :D
  6. I have done 2X50lb bags in my 2.3n/a A4LD. Worked pretty well, little fishtailing around the corners, only got stuck once when I parked too close to the curb (8in of snow).

    But when it is snowy, I also drive like I have a brain. easy throttle, sometimes have to start in second, etc. Hills with an open diff (starting from a stop) can still be a pain.

    My turbostang is a different story now. I have only had enough snow to find out that it likes to do sudden lane changes when I dont want it too. :notnice:
  7. Last winter I ran a 50 lb. bag, but this year I'm going with two 50 lb. bags. My new tires should prove very beneficial as well.
  8. Yeh, well i work at menards and they have the 70lb bags, and i get dicount :cool:
    but we just got hit with some crap weather so i figured it was time.... when it drops 30 degrees in 2 hours = bad