Sanja Performance - can anyone help please??

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  1. I'm trying to get in contact with this company. The 1-800 number they have can't be dialed from canada and the local # I have does not seem to be in service. Does anyone have the new local phone number for them? This is what I have:


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. If I remember what someone said a couple weeks ago in a thread on Sanja, I was told the business had gone under and shut down, but, that might have been just rumors...good luck
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    thanks for the reply.. i read the same thing but also read that they just stopped advertising and were going only by word of mouth...

    can anyone shed some light on this?

  5. I had some info on them awhile back, gimme a while and ill try and dig it up for ya.
  6. Okay, here ya go, This is a topic I had replied to massively with some information from a topic past, and long ago... here is the link to the thread, also try doing Search in the 5.0 Mustang Talk and type in 'Sanja' that'll give some nice hits...
    Sanja Performance
    -Nick :p
  7. use the 18003559974 number and leave a message on the answering maching and they will get back with you i just got done talking to them like a week ago i have on of there first hoods that he did, what are you wanting and i might be able to help you out i got all the info of the products they sell
  8. hey mustangrfast88, do you have any pics of that hood?
  9. FiveOhh: thanks man... but I have already seen those. I searched the board inside out before posting this.. I just wish a lot of the picture links were still working :p

    The problem is I can't call that # from canada. its a 1-800 number for within the US only. If I try to call it I get an automated operator message saying the number cannot be reached. I was looking at getting the front bumper and the side skirts from them. Is there any way you could possibly find out the local phone number for them so I can just call them long distance? I am dying to get in touch with these guys :p

    Any help is MUCH appreciated.

  10. sorry guys i dont have any pics on the computer of the hood on my car and i dont have any pics of there products but for the ones that are on the papers they sent me and i will try to get ahold of them tommorow and i will respond with what i found out then
  11. thanks a lot man.. i really really appreciate it
  12. I'm pretty sure they are out of business.
  13. Sanja Performance
    183 Hugh Paxton Rd.
    Greensburg, KY
  14. here you go man found it on google
  15. hehe thanks man but so did i. That phone number doesn't work, seems to be out of service :(
  16. Sanja Performance Is Not Out Of Bussniess I Just Talked To Them On Jan 18 2004 And I Called Him Today And He Should Call Me Back Later In The Day
  17. If you want me to I can leave whatever message and number you want to leave them. Wont cost me any money!
  18. PICS!! otflmao
  19. I emailed them and they arent making hoods or bodykits anymore they say they might get back into production but, right now its unsure.
    [email protected]