Sapphire Blue Stangs

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  1. I have a sapphire blue 1995 gt convertible. Im just curious to see if they are as rare as I think they are. Personally, I have only seen 1 other mustang of the same color, and he happened to have the exact same black saleen spoiler as I do. it was weird.
    anyways, does anyone else have one or see them very often. and what years and models did it come in this color? thanks
  2. My GT is a '94 and it's blue. Not sure what the official code or name of it is. I'll try to look tomorrow, but it's a blue that I've rarely seen on GTs.
  3. i think this is the color??? sexystang.jpg
  4. I have a 1994 Mustang GT. Its teal in coloir. In 1994 they didn't offer sapphire blue as a color choice. 1995 It was an option. So is sapphire blue the same as teal, just tweaked a little bit or is it a completely different color?

    1994 Mustang Exterior Colors Color Code

    * Black * UA
    * Canary Yellow * BZ
    * Rio Red * E8
    * Laser Red * E9
    * Vibrant Red * ES
    * Bright Blue * KF
    * Iris Metallic * GC
    * Teal * RD
    * Opal Frost * WJ
    * Crystal White * ZF

    1995 Mustang Exterior Colors Color Code

    * Black * UA
    * Canary Yellow * BZ
    * Rio Red * E8
    * Laser Red * E9
    * Vibrant Red * ES
    * Bright Blue * KF
    * Sapphire Blue * JA
    * Deep Forest Green * NA
    * Opal Frost * WJ
    * Crystal White * ZF
  5. lots of people refer to saphire blue as purple. I have not seen many
  6. Checked mine. I'm an RD, a Teal '94.
  7. Here is two of my car. The color was only used in late 94's and 95's. I believe only 2,564 (this is off memory i may be a little off) of this color created and thats convertibles and coupes.
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    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
  8. Not sure why it didnt list teal as a 95 color, maybe it was just the same paint code as 94. I found the production numbers of the color choices

    1994Mustang Production Numbers by Color
    * Black 19,849
    * Bright Blue 6,191
    * Canary Yellow 4,038
    * Crystal White 18,760
    * Deep Forset Green 18,869
    * Iris Metallic 1,304
    * Laser Red 22,345
    * Opal Frost 4,048
    * Rio Red 13,793
    * Teal 11,948
    * Vibrant Red 2,453

    1995 Mustang Production Numbers by Color
    * Black 27,112
    * Bright Blue 7,819
    * Canary Yellow 3,497
    * Crystal White 26,899
    * Deep Forset Green 27,792
    * Sapphire Blue 2,584
    * Laser Red 29,450
    * Opal Frost 5,881
    * Rio Red 22,533
    * Teal 9,845
    * Vibrant Red 1,625

    I found all of this info on the american muscle web site
  9. hmm thats close but mine is basically purple. is that a stock color? it looks like almost an electric blue to me
  10. I have one, look in my sig for a pic. I like it, and I have only seen a couple of the same color in the last year and a half that I have owned it.
  11. Yep, we've got the same car except mines a convertible with a black top. Just curious, do you get alot of crap for having a purple car? I do.
  12. I've owned 2 hardtops I still have one of them and the other one is still running strong.
  13. Heres a recent pic of the car.

  15. Thanx, but through the years I 've had mishaps with the paint and body. This car is just used for the track so keeping up with the paint is not at the top of my list at the moment.
  16. Yeah, my buddies like to give me crap, but once they saw it doesnt bother me they stopped. Plus, they all like my car, cause they dont have V8's with flowmasters!
  17. haha exactly. I remind them that my car is faster than their hondas and toyotas.
  18. In the 12 yrs I've had mine I've only seen 3 others. For SN-95 Mustangs (94-95). I believe only Iris Metallic has less production numbers than Sapphire Blue 1,304 vs 2,584 respectively.

    It's very difficult to get a good representation of the color in a photo but the hood shot below is the closest.

    Here's a few pics:



  19. We used to have a 95 GT Saphire Blue. Pic of it:

    View attachment 285623

    I am going to look at another 95 GT same color this weekend. I love that color.

    Below link:

    Here is the most incredible of all the Saphire Blue 95 GT Mustangs. Car pegged the dyno at 1,000 rwhp in KY in 2006. The Kentucky owner ran 151 mph after driving to the track.( on pump gas)

    He ran bracket races because he did not have enough safety stuff. He then ran 7.20s at 117 mph and 7.40s at 114 mph. Top-ended everyone in the 1/8 th mile.

    That was the most impressive car I have ever seen in my life !! The owner had it for sale at 23,000. I dreamed of buying it for 2 weeks. I wish I had bought it.

    The Turbo
  20. Well, I bought another Saphire Blue 95 GT 5 speed yesterday. ( our 2nd) Car has been lowered 2 inches but rides nice. Paint is in very good shape.

    I want to auto-cross this car next year. I'll post some pics when the snow melts off of it.