Sapphire Blue Stangs

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  1. Congrats man! Im driving mine in the snow today... :( I bought a motorcycle instead of a truck for a dd.
  2. That looks almost like a mopar Plum Crazy purple......pretty sharp, i like it

  3. I had a 95 vert......that is a 'Bright Blue".....and to the poster I have seen about 3 total in the Ohio area.......don't see them much..
  4. 95 sapphire blue stangs

    Ive owned my car for a year sister had bought it in 1996 with 15,000 miles on it. It now has 197,000 on the body but 2,000 on the 308 E-cammed engine. I myself have seen only 2 other ones ever before. One was with a white convertible top and the other a regular coupe. They only made 2,584 of these babies and my sister sold it to me in stock form for $3,000 and from there i made the upgrades. I love this car and i do occasionally get picked on for it being purple but it dont bother me. I know its an older thread but love seein these cars in this color just plain awesome!

    Mods: 308 with e-303 cam, scorpion 1.6 roller rockers, comp camps XE lifters, UPR Rock Crusher shifter, 17x9 & 17x10.5 cobra r's with 275/40/17's up front and 315/35/17's in the rear. Exhaust is bassani equal length shorties, bassani SS offroad x pipe, and SLP Loudmouth 1 catback gotta love those tips :D

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  5. Updates:

    Here are some pics of the 2nd Saphire Blue 95 GT that I bought in Dec. 2008.

    I has lowering springs and underdrive pulleys and blowmasters. I auto-crossed it twice last year and found out the car really needs alot of updates to even be competitive. Tires are rock hard, so it needs those as well.

    I am currently debating on pulling out the 302 and sliding in my 512 BBF with the procharger.

    1st pic is as I bought it with Terminator wheels;.....2nd pic is with the R's from our first 95 Saphire GT.


  6. do the BBF!!!! i would love to see that.
  7. I'm bought her over 15 years ago when I was still in the service. in my humble opinion it is the best color ever put on any year mustang. I recently purchased a fox body and when it is complete I plan to paint it my favorite color also. View attachment 76292 2011-10-31 18.49.36.jpg 2011-10-31 18.49.36.jpg
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  10. Awww, you guys make me miss my car after reading through this again... :(
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  14. i have a 95 3.8 v6 (i wish it was the gt) in a very weird color. if im correct its the KF95. bright blue. along with this post i will post some pics. all I have done to it was shorty headers into an H pipe with dual vtx4's into 3" downturn pipes. it has just enough horse to smoke my tires which is all i really want though.

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  15. Well, I hate to dig up an old thread but figured id post.

    Name is matt and im from cincinnati.

    I am two weeks away from my 19th birthday

    when i was 5 my father passed away, he bought the car in 96 with less than 5k miles on it.

    it is a 95 mustang gt with the 5.0 and 5 speed, gray interior, 50,000 miles.

    has been garage kept its whole life, never seen winter.

    After my dad passed, it sat untouched for about ten years, my mom was going to get rid of it because she didnt have a use for it, so my uncle bought it to save it for me. which i am extremely thankful for.

    car is pretty mint, underside is clean as a whistle, and i will never get rid of this car, something about the feeling you get driving your fathers car

    car is unmolested, save for a cat back exhaust and the cobra r wheels and the window tint

    me and my uncle are mostly into trucks,but we like playin with our cars

    we have built my 97 f350 with a frame off resto taking it down to bare frame sanblasting and coating it all
    then just finished his 84 f250 doing the same amount of resto

    then we have a vw powered railbuggy we just had a new motor built for,
    then he also drag races a door car, its a mid 70s plymouth arrow with a 440

    here are some pics

  16. very nice! that hemi sitting beside it aint shabby either....

  17. Quick.... Pull all the motors and swap them from car to car. :chin
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  18. Wonder what ford had against just callin em purple