Sapphire Blue Stangs

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  1. not sure, definitely looks like purple,
    Thanks, the roadrunner is a blast to play with!!!
    was this directed at my post?

  2. Not really. Just normal forum bafoonery. Tanner has a build project going on where he's put an LS motor in a Stang. I give him crap about it all the time. :D
  3. i see lol, I do not agree with that swap at all, but to each their own!! i would never be able to put a bowtie motor in a Stang!!
  4. I blame obama. He can't do anything else right, so he's probably been screwing with this too. o_O
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  5. hahahahahah i like it!!
  6. just got the car back from detailing, here are some shots, odometer reads 50,6xx
    DSCN5365_zpsa13ee2fe.jpg DSCN5366_zpse1a23403.jpg
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  7. Looks good, makes me miss mine.
  8. This ole gal is a '95 that was teal most of er life. Hated the teal for 17 years. It's "Viper Blue" now. image.jpg
  9. Thanks, i love it!

    Looks good!!
  10. Looks good!![/QUOTE]
    Thanks man. There's not near enough 94/95's running around these boards. All fox stuff.
  11. Thanks man. There's not near enough 94/95's running around these boards. All fox stuff.[/QUOTE]

    I have noticed that! the 94/95s hold a special meaning to me, one of my favorites
  12. Me too. My dad got that one in late 95 or like early '96 (I think maybe the 4.6's were already out) w 13k mi on it and it was rebuilt w over 300k on the clock. I remember telling em not to get it back in the day. I wanted a Camaro w the 275 hp...
  13. Your Dad did good!!
  15. I have an ORIGINAL 1994 GT in Sapphire Blue, was told by the Ford dealer, 440 were made in 1994 "by accident". Of those 440, 31 are still registered and on the road.
  16. First, congrates for finding an almost three year old thread, blue is my personal favorite by the way, and the dealer/car salesman is just that, a car salesman, nothing against them but he probably can't offer proof of his claims, I have a 'factory' sunroof car but the factory didn't install them, :doh: I also have the bag for the sunroof with the straps still in the back that hold the bagged sunroof, bet there are not many that still have those.
    Still a VERY nice car and a beautiful color, I'm jealous.
    What are your plans and does it have any mod?
  17. I would have to go back and check the stats, but it is a low production color for sure. I had a '95, and I believe it was 2584 cars built that year. Not sure if '94 was as low as you were told or not, but your car looks nice and is a keeper regardless!
  18. Strangely enough, the only source where I could find actual production numbers by car and year, does not even list Sapphire Blue as a color in '94. So maybe your dealer knows an old "secret", or maybe your car is a very late '94 build that was supposed to be a '95. Who knows, but rock on and post more pics of it. I am partial to them! @William Morris