[SARCASM]Way to go Ford!!![/SARCASM]

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  1. This isn't Mustang specific, but it is worth mentioning. I've been a member at another forum now for over 7 years. A year or two ago they threatened to take legal action over our calendar, which included pictures of several peoples personal cars that happened to wear the Ford badge. Ford later decided to cease and desist over the negative feedback that the forum had towards Ford. Now they are monitoring my computer.

    This is a list of IPs that are trying to access my computer.


    These weren't the only two times. There were a lot more, but my client blocks stuff like this so fast that I didn't have a chance to get everything I wanted in the screenshot.

    I then looked up the IP...

    What a bunch of douche bags. :notnice:
  2. Since when did ford turn into the FBI
  3. sew them for a new 2011 gt then put a gen 4 lsX in it and send em the pics..
  4. This is why my car will never have a Ford or Mustang badge on it.
  5. Whaaaaat? This has the smell of conspiracy theory all over it. Why would Ford be spying on you, just because you had your car in a calendar? Why would they even care?

    I guess I don't understand what the other IPs would be trying to access on your computer either. Are you sure these IPs are all malicious, or do they need to access your computer for ads or other internet stuff? It just doesn't make sense to me that Ford would try to "spy" on you... It seems irrelevant. :shrug:
  6. Because they want royalties off of every damn thing they do. Greedy of them, but then again, they were the only motor company who did not take major government assistance during the failout....I mean Bailout.
  7. they want royalties for free advertising, its a bunch of BS, they sued a bunch of companyies for using the running pony's too.
  8. I'd have to see the calender before I'll fully fall into this.
    Unless you were explicitly using the blue oval, they have no right to anyones vehicle. Unles it was a "ford calender" then of course you can't market something with their name. And as for them "hacking into your computer" highly doubt that's what's going on
  9. Maybe it's just sites putting tracking cookies on your computer. They're not really malicious but they keep track of what you've been looking up on your computer and then puts up ads for those. I get ads for AmericanMuscle on all kinds of websites, and I used to get ads for "building muscle" too... :rolleyes:
  10. How do you find out what IPs are trying to access your computer? News to me but I've never been too techno literate
  11. I think you really work for KIA and are trying to steal Ford's mustang ideas to be incorporated in the new Accent!!
  12. Sonsa****es!
  13. Ford force Kocky Products out of buisness to. They mad a lot of sweet t shirt designs for automotive guys. Of course they said the pics belonged to them. Hint Ford: The public doesnt like this behavior.
  14. A guy over on SVT performance made a 2010 calendar of MEMBERS cars. A couple of the submitted cars that made the cut were GT500's.
    Mr. Carroll Shelby decided that he couldn't let that happen. So he told the guy that if he didn't remove the pictures from the calendar, he would take legal action.

    Total bull****. These people own these cars and now they can't put their pictures of them in a calendar.
  15. This is why 50resto.com became latemodelrestoration.com
  16. I just think it's bull**** because if I buy a GT500 I ****ing own it! I can put a picture of MY car anywhere I choose. Unless you're claiming to be an employee of sheby or making a "Shelby" calender, you have no right to tell me where I can and cannot use an image of MY vehicle.

    Someone please correct me if I'm mistaken
  17. That's why Carrol can suck it if you ask me. :notnice:
  18. I admire Carrol Shelby for his designs and creativity, but as a company, they can suck one. If you've read the story about the man with the wrecked KR, you know what I mean
  19. He's a fine example of how money can ruin a good man.
  20. Also why Mustang Tuning is now American Muscle. Which has excellent service btw.:nice: