[SARCASM]Way to go Ford!!![/SARCASM]

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  1. I read that article.... Some god awful amount for a hood.....
  2. From what I've heard about Shelby, he's always been a ruthless ass hat. I read somewhere that the Cobra name was originally supposed to be a Corvette thing, but Shelby had an inside guy tell him before Chevy could use it, so Shelby hurried up and got a trademark on the name, or something like that.
  3. ...hear no evil...see no evil...speak no evil...

    I have a pic of my car as my avatar here...does this mean I should be sending royalties to somebody??

  4. Yeah, it was the the original KR labeling. Back in 67 or 68, I can't remember, GM was going to label some special corvette's King Of Road (KR). Shelby found out about it, and also found out it wasn't trademarked by GM yet. So he had his lawyer license it for Shelby mustangs.
  5. Yes, ive heard many stories of how he "Shelby" thinks he is god. Now the gt500 is an awesome car, but im not paying 50,000 for a car because it says Shelby on it. Ill wait til there SVT Cobras again!!
  6. Ford should pay us Ford guys royalties for keeping the Ford and the Mustang still afloat all these years! Hmmm....makes me want to take my blue oval badge off the rear of the hatch.
  7. I havent read this Shelby wrecked KR story...where can I find that>?