Sat in the blue GT yesterday!

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  1. Yup. I helped set up the company booth at the Tarrant County Auto Show (Fort Worth, Texas) today, and there it was. Light blue GT.

    I had to be quick, as there were grumpy looking people with Ford logos on their shirts watching, but I sat behind the wheel and opened the hood.

    The battery was disconnected, and I couldn't move the seat out of munchkin setting, so I can't attest to how comfortable it is. That engine is just gorgeous, and there is a perfect shaker-scoop shaped space where there is no bracing on the under side of the hood.

    It wasn't open during the regular show (just vendors setting up when I sat in it). Its sitting next to a riser that has the Ford GT on it.

  2. Any info on the show? Im in Richardson and would like to check it out
  3. Well that color sucks....but that's awesome you got to sit in one. Too bad you couldn't fire it up though!
  4. Wow u are lucky man :hail2:
  5. I hate that color...
  6. How close is that to the silver metal blue of the 65's?


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