Satan causes intermittent power loss/bucking?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Darkwriter77, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. Well I would try the maf think again and put a good air filter on there, My gt was sucking in water while it was raining and it would do the no balls slow, to full race balls in an instant and buck and do all that crap, very annoying. even if it isnt the water thing, look at all the sensors and make sure they are working properly.

    Ah yes, I know your new, so ill give ya some valuable advice, if the thread is over 3 weeks old dont reply to it just, start a new one. You might get flamed for bringing the thread alive again.

  2. Speaking of bringing up old threads, I'm going to do it in case someone in the future has the same problem.....I found out it was my 02 sensors, and/or lack there of one.....for a year I was driving with only one, and after that I guess the one I had put in didnt work...and then I put a wideband in that side with no narrow band simulator.

    Long story short, I finally found out what it was when I bought a Tweecer R/t and noticed on Calcon that one bank was demanding normal afr's and normal injector duty cycles and the other bank was the total opposite, I remember seeing some whack readings, but it would match the correct one when I went WOT....So I made it run in open loop all the time and the powerloss/VTEC power burst was GONE....Both banks read the exact same everytime all the time. I had some leaannnnn afr's on my wideband for that bank....It's been in open loop ever since then and is going to stay like that for tuning purposes and since the narrowband simulator isn't working.

  3. Glad you got it fixed, had a similar problem but ended up being a leaking fuel regulator...