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  1. Deals are good from August 2nd through August 31st, 2010 for online purchases made at Just enter the coupon code at checkout to receive these special prices. Take advantage of these exclusive savings while they last!

    Save Up To $49! -- All MAF Sensors -- 13% Off!

    If you have a heavily modified or forced-induction Mustang, you need to make sure it's getting the right amount of air. Switch your stock Mass Airflow Sensor for one that's larger and your pony will be ready to run.
    Discount good on all Mass Airflow Sensors.
    Discount Code: fcaug13maf
    Ford Mustang Mass Air Flow Meters / Sensors, Mustang MAF Units and Sensors at - Free Shipping!

    Save Up To $34 -- All Shifter/Knob Combos -- 12% Off!
    If you've been searching for an upgraded shifter and a sleek shift knob at a great price, look no further! We've matched some of our most popular shifters and knobs into combo kits that are a great value, even before the forum sale.
    Discount good on all shifter/knob combo kits.
    Discount code: fcaug12shiftcom
    Ford Mustang Shifter Combo Kits at - Free Shipping!

    Save Up To $30! -- All HID Kits -- Save 11%!

    The long, hot days of summer won't be here for much longer. Upgrade to HID's before the long, dark nights of winter roll back around, so you can cruise after dark safely and with style.
    Discount code good on all HID kits.
    Discount Code: fcaug11hid
    Ford Mustang HID Headlights, HID Fog Lights at - Free Shipping!

    Important Legal Mumbo Jumbo: Forum Coupon Code Discounts only available for online purchases at All prices subject to change. All sales and sale pricing subject to availability. All prices are good only while supplies last. Only one coupon code can be applied per order. Coupon prices are only valid when coupon code is entered during the checkout process. Reduced prices will be seen during the checkout process after a coupon code is entered. Thank you for reading all of our tiny legal text.​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.