Save 13% With Hot December Deals!

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  1. I'm trying something different for the forum specials this month. There's a 13% discount on selected parts I've seen requested around the forums and a different mix of parts. This is such a steep discount, we can't apply it to every item in a category, but part numbers that qualify are listed here for you. Deals are good from December 1st through December 31st, 2010 for online purchases made at Enter the coupon code at checkout to receive these special prices. PM me with any questions, suggestions, or feedback.

    13% off Selected Subframe Connectors
    Stiffen your chassis up so you can launch off the line without fear. You'll save your frame and improve your drag times.
    Discount good on items: 94335, 56527, 47001, 47023.
    Discount Code: fcdec13subfc
    Mustang Subframe Connectors, Mustang Braces at - Free Shipping!

    13% off Selected Cams & Accessories
    Cams are an essential mod once you're past basic bolt-ons. Upgrade your stock setup to squeeze the most power possible out of your engine.
    Discount good on items: 30100, 30101, 30102, 30103, 30104, 30105, 30106, 30107, 30121, 30122, 30123, 30124, 30125, 30126, 30127, 30128, 30129, 68002.
    Discount code: fcdec13camsnac
    Ford Mustang Cams, Mustang Camshafts at - Free Shipping!

    13% Off Selected Differentials & Accessories
    Your stock rear end lets you down time and again, so it's time to switch to an LSD so you can make the most of the power your engine's putting out.
    Discount code good on: 24062, 50090, 50092.
    Discount Code: fcdec13diff
    Ford Mustang Limited Slip Differentials at - Free Shipping!

    13% Off Selected Anti-Roll Kits

    Reduce body roll and increase handling with an anti-roll kit. You'll take those corners better, and enjoy driving more.
    Discount code good on items: 47700, 47701, 47702, 47703.
    Discount Code: fcdec13antiroll
    Ford Mustang Sway Bars, Mustang Anti-Roll Kits at - Free Shipping!

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