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  1. I was watching the news today and saw that a 89'GT was stolen from a college kid (Odessa, Texas) yesterday :mad: The car was recovered but in my opinion it will be cheaper for the guy to simply buy another one insead of fixing this one :( Inlight of this I would like to remind people of how easy it is to steal a Fox and this includes 2.3 stangs as well. Now I grant you most will people will go for the V8 cars but a 2.3T could be tempting also. I would also like to say although you can't completely stop a thief from stealing our cars, this doesn't mean we have to make it easy from them :nonono: There is simple ways to installing a ingnition cut off switch as well as a fuel cut off switch. I don't currently have something on my cars but when I'm out of town I like to pull the coil wire off and take it with me. I'm hopeing a theif don't carry one of those around with him ;) Anyways I just wanted to mention something about this.
  2. I just knock the crap out of the rear bumper with a ball bat when I get out of either car to trip the safety fuel cutoff.

    Works like a charm and keeps me in shape.
  3. I put a decent security system on mine, and yes, car alarms are defeatable if someone really wants to, but i have a hood pin that sets the alarm off, so its more difficult to disable. I know it wont stop people but its still a deterrent. When i was in college it was set off 4-5 times during the middle of the night for people "just walking by" and once when someone bumped the back of it. The system works pretty good and rarely has any false alarms. Again, its not fool proof, but it is a deterent and it saves me 10% on my car insurance (comprehensive coverage)

  4. I have been thinking of putting in an ignition cut off when I do the swap.
  5. There is a plan to do something like this on the 5.0 threads. It's a old post but you should be able to do a search. Now these plans maybe for a fuel cut of switch, since some people mentioned that route a bunch. They say it's real easy since there is some sort of fuel relay under the drivers seat.
  6. Cool that would be very convienient
  7. I just pull the Computer when i get out, no way they are going anywhere without that!
    On the plus side it makes a great conversation starter as a keychain oriement.:)
  8. What makes you think a theif needs to start the car to steal it;) I'm sure you can rent a trailer for 50.00 with a wench ;) I know what your saying you can block it in by parking cars around it right? Remember the bad @ss Supra that was stolen while the guy was visiting is folks and the theives moved a civic to get it lol Thats kinda funny in a way...I mean they broke into a Civic just to move it out of the way :rlaugh: Also don't forget those cool roller deals the repomen use to do the same them even if the car is bumper to bumper gaurded. Anyways, we know if someone wants the car bad enough they will get it, the thing is for us not to make it easy.

    Car Alarms works pretty good but there is a few things to keep in mind:

    . Don't have the thing to sencetive. The best way to explain why is the girl who called wolf to many times. I mean your neighbors will start to blow it off after the alley cats set it off a few hundred times. I always had my car set up where you could beat the hell out of the dang thing and it not go off. But the alarm was wired to the interrior lights. So if you opened a Door, Hood, or truck everyone knew about it. I was also lazy and had an alarm that set it self all the time :D

    . Also make sure to try and hide the alarm control box and the speakers. If you want my best advice, use two speakers (one at each end of the car). The reason being is that almost all alarm speakers are mounted the same place. If a theif cuts the wire than he's almost home free. I would mount the second speaker back around the trunk of the car.

    Now I'm not one for using one means of anti thef devices ( when I care if my car is stolen or not). I also use(d) an ingnition switch along with an alarm, just incase the theif defeats one of them. Also don't get cought up in those crapy steering wheel lock devices. It takes me half a second to pick the lock alone and most theives the same time to saw through the wheel. Then you have the brake locking devices. Keep in mind you can defeat that..."must have the brake pedal pressed to shift gears" (autos) device with a screw driver to the colum. After that you can use that anit thef device to press the brake going down the road :rolleyes:

    Ok it's late and I'm just babling :(
  9. Hey Rich Id like to see someone try to steal your car gun totin'.......

  10. Well, if they manage to get into it, and start it, I have no problem replacing the windows in the car, BUT I will sue the family to get the blood stains out of my seats!!!!
  11. Ok now this maybe getting out of control on the ads at the bottom of each thread.

    First it was the PlayBoy Magazine ad and now it's the Iran EarthQuake relief fund :rlaugh: I can see my good deeds helping these poor people coming back at me in the form of a Nuke :eek:

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  12. I have the best anti-theft device ever. Its called an ugly car. Grey with a red door, primered front end, and bondo on the other door. Oh yeah, I also have rust holes developing in the hood. :nice:

    There are two people on this earth that are not too embarassed to be seen driving it, myself and my little(bigger) brother. :banana:

    But hey, at least its turbocharged :D
  13. I love people who has their priorities straight in life :nice: