Saw '05 Mustang on the road today... my thoughts!

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  1. My 31 year old son, the Jetta driver and Trans Am lover, called me on his cell from the show in San Jose where he was standing next to the 2005 Mustang. He couldn't stop raving about how beautiful it is. His wife, who is not into cars at all, agreed.

    I haven't heard anything negative from any of my non Mustang enthusiast friends. All positive reactions.

    This car will be a runaway hit.
  2. all it needs is wider back tires, thats what makes the back end so lame.

    will it have ghetto booty (think 2004 grand prix) or will it be too narrow, too short, too big looking, not big enough looking, too much like a toy, too plain...

    who knows, its all in the color and what it looks like in person.

    Anyone who's ever seen a viper in person knows what i mean... in pictures its like omg its so big and mean and fast... then u see it in person and its like wow its about the same size as a miata and sounds like ****. (older vipers 95 or w/e)

    people who buy the GT ARE into cars and racing, thats why they get the GT instead of the v6. As far as the V6s go, i think its got enough looks to pick up the groceries.
  3. Ditto...i plan to enjoy my purchase. most people at my job buy lexus's, suv's, mercedes, just the cookie-cutter nice car that everyone buys. i doubt seriously if anyone at my job will buy a new stang...and will probably wonder why i bought one...but who's my baby and i'll love it no matter what anyone thinks. and i also own a house that i bought in 2000 for 180,000 and is going for 449,000 presently. :D
  4. It's rather humorous reading all of these posts. It's like watching my teenagers argue about who looked at who first. This is not a slam to anyone.
    I will gladly jump in. It just proves that there are a lot of people that are very passionate about their mustangs.
    I absoulutley disagree with the orginal poster. I work with about 30 people. All are non automotive people. They are people who buy car payments not cars. I have had the '05 plastered on my computer ever since the concepts came out and every one of them has made a comment about what a cool car the '05 is. Ok, this is 30 people out of 400 million, but I can't imagine it being much different anywhere else.
    All of the people who think it's plain.......Try looking at the base 65-66's. By contrast to other cars they are very plain. But it is still an american icon. I have a 66 that is as plain jane as you can get. It is in mint condition and it gets looks from everyone. The '05 will be no different.
    I do disagree with PlatinumDevil about the people who buy the GT for racing. I will not race my GT. I want to relive a bit of my youth again and have a car with some nuts............just to play with.
  5. I guess it's all in the individual person's mind. I personnally have never thought the viper had a big backend. And I have seen and heard many in person. I suppose if you consider 9+ inches in width about the same size (Viper 75.7 Miata 66.1). Then yeah they are within a foot of width. To me the corvette is the one that seems to have a big backend.

    Unless you are talking the Ford GT (And quite possibly even then). Not all people who buy the gt are into cars and racing. That is a WAYYY too broad statement. There are soo many other reaons a person xould choose agt. That there is no realistic way to generalize like that. You might have gotten closer if you had said Cobra. But still not close enough of a generalization.
  6. I'm a perfect example: my first stang was a six and I traded up for the GT not caring about engine at all. I like the accompaniments that come with the GT's interior much better than the 6.. especially the leather wrapped steering wheel. But, after having some balls in a car and better handling... I never looked back.
  7. Why did you bother even posting this?

    The title says you saw one on the freeway. Where are the pics? Where is the proof? If I had a dime for every person that signed up to SN just to say something stupid like this, I wouldn't be moderating a 2005 forum, I would be moderating a Ford GT forum. :D
  8. Over the last 10 years, over 60% of Mustang sales have been the V6. I'm sure that these are bought by the all the car guys on these forums to drag race them. :rlaugh:

    If you really read StangNet and other Mustang forums, you will find that there are a significant # of non car people who have heard about or seen the 2005 Mustang and now they are so excited about it that they wind up on the Mustang forums for the first time to learn more.
  9. OK, here is some news for your 2005 Mustang naysayers. Someone I know told me this (he lives in the Norfolk, Chesapeak, VA Beach area).

    Let me see, 7 days since you can actually place an order and this is only 1 dealer. Something tells me that if you want a 2005 Mustang before Christmas, you better get booking down to your local Ford dealer today.
  10. I'm waiting to buy an 05 as well.
  11. I'm looking to purchase in January. Do you think supply will catch demand by then...or do I need to pre-order too??? :shrug:
  12. Then stick to jelly-bean imports.

    Just a reminder: The average IQ is 100. The majority of people are idiots.

    So you are basically saying that you and your friends aren't "car people".

  13. Well for one thing I never said I saw it on the freeway, it was on an avenue, and two I live in the city where the Mustang is mfg. I have seen it on the road since last year masked up. I don't have pics because I didn't have a camera with me, or else I would have snapped some. FYI 5 miles away from me is where the mustang has been built for as long as I remember. And 2 miles away is another Ford factory where 5, 2005 Mustangs sit in the lot along with 2 aston martin db7's.

    I edited my original post and cut it down, because of my remarks and my statements people here were taking them wrong, I didn't realize how hung up some people were with the new 2005, I was just voicing my opinion.

    Want the full opinion and why I give it a 5?

    STYLING is a big factor and Chevrolet said it best with there 2005 corvette, that Ford is looking at the old mustang and just "redoing" it. I liked the first concept "2004" Mustang at the North American Intl. Auto Show, the silver one that looked amazing. Then Ford redid it and made it look like **** IMO.

    Don't lecture someone who owns and loves a mustang, (1995 GT Vert.) with over 5k invested into it.

    I am voicing my opinion, and now you see why I gave it a 5, STYLING.

    1) The car sits HIGH (like a grand marquee)
    2) The rear lights are nice, but not refined.
    3) The front looks old...

    Overall, the car looks old... If you would have seen the "2004" mustang from the show you would see what I mean by that, or even the Motor Trend "2004" mustang sketch they had about 3 years back that looked amazing, but never turned out that way.

    ....ya I guess thats about it :rolleyes:
  14. Personally I bought an 04 GT because IMO it looks soooo much better than the 05 as well as alot cheaper since it getting close to the time that the 05s will be here.Here is what i say, " I would rather the outside of the car to look better and meaner than to have a little more power, and a better interior.The 05 is just plain looking and the fog lights just look funny, there is nothing that draws your attention to it (except the fog lights), the rims look horrable, and personally the interior looks richer/more quality, but not quite as clean looking as the 04s.The mufflers near the back look funny too and will probably sound weird.If they had a nice hood scoop or somthing like the 04s, it would look pretty darn good.The new mustang will probably be a way better built car and will probably be better in almost every aspect, but its just the looks that kept me from waiting for one.I kinda like the V6s front end better because it lacks the fogs (that stick out like a sore thumb).I think ford could have done a little better job of blending them in, and making it look good without a scoop like my 66 does, as well as all of those cars from 64-69 or whatever they based it off of.(think it was the 67)I am not dissing the car or anyone who likes them, I am just telling what I think about the styling and the overall car.Again not hating, and not just saying that cuz I bought an 04.I had the choice and I chose the 04, and I did not want to wait till 06 or whatever for MAYBE an update or an outragiously expencive cobra (I could afford one, but I dont think an 04 or 06 cobra, if they come out with them, are worth the money).
  15. hotmustang331-

    They were going for the look of the 69 Mach 1 with those lights. I'm not saying you should like it for that (like what you want, not what others like!), but the fact is that if they didn't make them look like quad lights, they wouldn't get the '69 look.

    I'm an old fart who owned a '66 2+2 and a '68 convertible before buying a pair of 87/88 GTs. I ~really~ dig the retro styling, and to me the fact that the retro styling comes on a kick ass platform (instead of using the 25 year old Fox platform your '04 comes on) is just icing on the cake. Longer wheel base, tighter turn radius, more horses.

    Besides, an all-aluminum V8... that's the stuff dreams are made of. Lose the weight, gain the horses... rock and roll!
  16. I understand you liked the concept better. But did you hoenstly think they were going to build a 2 seat mustang? With 20 inch rims? And as far as chevrolet is concerned. I guess you see a difference in the c5 c6 corvette. But other than headlights. I'm not seeing much if any difference. And styling being a factor at Chevrolet is (I'm sorry this is off topic, but.) a joke. Look at the SSR it's so old looking it make the 05 stang look positively 25th century. Do I think some things could have been done better with the 05 yeah. But to say the car looks old. Then talk about how wonderful the concept was. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me. If you compare them side by side (Someone should have a fairly to same scale pic of both cars.). You will find they are VERY similar.
  17. Really, cool cuz I always like the 69s, but the lights on the 05 do nothing for it IMO.Yea and I realize that the 05 is a better car, as in the platform but the 05s is not completely new I believe, it is the same used on the old T Birds is what I heard, I guess with some adjustments.I would like the 05 alot if they only would have done something with the hood, its kinda like the difference between the 00 GTs and the 01 GT with the large hood scoop, it just completes the car IMO.Dont get me wrong, I know it is better, but I just dont care for the styling, and I will hate the time when I see my first 05+ with rice burning mufflers on it.Its like ford wants to make the car like an import, with the mufflers back there, and they also tried it I beleive in the 80s when they almost made it FWD LOL.I dont know what Ford wants to do with it, glad us hard core mustng guys are here to stop them from screwing it up.Oh well once I see one in person and get to sit/drive one I may change my mind about how it looks, and once I hear one and it sonds muscly then I wont care about the rear mufflers.Now I dont know how much faster it will be than the current, because of the weight, especially with these guys ordering that heavy shaker 1000 system, so onless ford underates them then they may be about a .1 or.2 faster, and maybe not even that cuz they dont look very aerodynamic, kinda like my 66 and will catch alot of wind.Anyways congrats on your purchases guys, it should be a great car.
  18. If you dont like the new Mustang...DONT BUY IT!! Nuff said. I am willing to gamble though that most of you are <20 and probably couldnt afford to buy it anyways. I can almost guess too that a lot of you put a "system" in your car as one of your first mods. If your opinion on this car is only about appearance then go buy a car that you think looks good! You can buy cars that only looks good for a lot cheaper than a Mustang. If you want a car that performs then stick around. You will get what you are looking for.

    I bet a good percentage of the older crowd that are anti '05 Mustang will buy one anyways once they feel its okay to eat their words.
  19. Not sure if it's on this site. But there is a soundclip of it revving. And it sounds better than you would think. The mufflers are not meant to be more like imports. It's meant for safety. They are placed where the fuel tank used to be. And as for the chassis being something the used from the t-bird with some adjustments. From everything I have heard that is wrong. They tried but it was too expensive to build. So they redesigned it specificly for the mustang. Some cars will likely get it as well. But it was originally built just for the mustang. I will look for hte sound clip. If I find it I will post it.