Saw '05 Mustang on the road today... my thoughts!

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    the new tail lights look nothing like that.......
    jmuva44, styling is an integral part of any car and was one of the main selling points of the orignals along with options. It is not right to just discount that. Would you buy a pinto with a lightning motor with the handling of a wrx. I would hope not and if you would at least admit that it makes you think twice.
  2. No, but I'd sure buy a new 2005 Mustang GT!! Looks bada$$!!!!!!!! :worship: :drool: :hail2:
  3. Straight out of the new issue of Mustang Enthusiast with one of the two main engineers for the car:

    "MUSTANG ENTHUSIAST: What about the comments from some critics that say the design is too retro?

    MELVIN BETANCOURT: Rich, when you park a 1965-1966 and a 1969-1970 Mustang side-by-side, you realize that the shapes and surfaces of the cars have nothing in common with the shapes and surfaces of the 2005 Mustang. But what we wanted to design is the emotion (what a person has seen or remembers from the '60s and 70's designs) of the 1966 to 1970 can bring back the past appearance into new proportions, while still making it instantly recognizable. My goal as an designer is to bring out and emotion to the consumer, whether it be good or bad. If this is accomplished, then we know that we have succeeded in our design"

    Sounds like you guys are expecting things that Ford has never intended. The car is NOT supposed to look exactly like the older cars. What would be the point of that? Go buy the older one if you want that look. So yeah, the taillights are different. Geez. Who cares.
  4. i was just making a point about the tailights. I love the car except the rear and i can't wait for an aftermarket hood and front fascia
  5. I like the exterior just fine (as much as I despise the massive fog-lights).

    I can't stand the interior, though. It looks far, far too old. Lots of huge rectangles, seperated gages (by a deep well reminiscient of the old New Yorker, no less), and other such atrocities. It's a wall of old staring at me everytime I look at it. I was so hoping for a modern look, e.g. BMW 3, 5, 6, 7 series. But no. It's not modern, and the steering wheel looks like it belongs on a bumper-car. :( :( :( :(

    I wanted to cry the first time I saw the interior. Die-hard Mustang fan, and previous Mustang owner, who will be skipping out on this generation. I've heard more people who don't like it than who do, but in reality, none of our "My 83 co-workers who are comprised of people ranging from age 20-57 all like it/hate it" stories mean anything, because no small group is in any way representative of the population.

    Oh well, I'm sure it will sell awesomely. I'm just disappointed that I won't be one of its sales. :spot:
  6. I saw one a couple monthes ago here in Marquette, MI. It was covered up, like black leather pieces over it... still though, I wasn't terribly impressed. I like the current gen of Cobras or Salleens better, I think it's largely because I'm not a big fan of the retro design... don't get me wrong, I love the old muscle cars, but the new retro stuff just doesn't have the same edge.
  7. I'm not sorry you won't be buying. They are going to berationing for the first few months. Come on people. Don't buy it. I want one and I don't want to wait.
  8. Yea there is nothing wrong with the car, I just dont care for the styling.I will NOT buy a car if I do not absolutly LOVE it, especially the exterior.Now jmuva44 if I can afford a brand new 2004 GT, then I could afford the 05, heck I could afford an 04 cobra but its not worth the money, so you see I CAN afford one but I really dont want it as of yet, and yes I am <20 (18). SVTdriver, thanks for the info and looking for that clip, cant wait to here it.Yea I know they were not trying to go for rice or anything, but its just that all the foreign cars have mufflers in the back, and now the GT is just like them....just seems to take away the American muscle theme of the car when you see the mufflers back guys have to admit that the <04s with JUST the pipes coming out the back looks alot better, moving them would probably be one of the first things I would do if I got one.Thanks for the info on them, cuz I want to learn as much as posable about them so I know what it will take for my GT to take one LOL.
  9. I dunno, dont buy it then. Someone else will surely be happy you didnt. Like SVTdriver or myself. :)
  10. Go ahead and drive your worn out mustang style, we will be cruising in the new 05 and turning heads... while smoking the current GT of course :rlaugh: .... I CANT WAIT! :nice: :nice:

    EDIT: Also i bet we will be seeing a lot less "punks" driving the new mustangs.. which of course is a good thing
  11. I found one clip of it. About 15 posts into the thread there are the clips.
  12. Have you seen it in person?

    When I saw the interior photos, the interior was my least favorite part of the 05 Stang. However after seeing it in person and sitting in it, the interior blows away the 99-04. My only complaints with the interior are that the top of the dash is very hard plastic. I don't know if that's because it's a prototype, but I was shocked to feel it, I can't belive that a car could be sold with hard dash cover material like that due to safety regulations. My other complant is that the interior door panels are also very hard and somewhat cheap feeling plastic. The sub-woofer covers on the door panels are pretty ugly too. I'm hoping that the plastic in the production cars is softer.

    If you're skipping a generation, it looks like you will have a looooooong wait since this generation (Fox) lasted 25 years. :rlaugh:
  13. No, I haven't seen it in person yet.. I just can't imagine it being good, but oh well. I suppose I'll find out soon enough..

    And by generation, I meant aesthetically. The 1994-1998 being one, 1999-2004, etc. Next re-design.

    I love the dual-cowl design :( I wish they could have somehow modernized and maintained it..
  14. Concept car was awesome. I dont know about the production model, it dosn't look that agressive. just like the new GTO. I'm waiting for the car to grow on me just like the 99-04's did, but it diden't take that long.
  15. I've seen a couple GTs running around Detroit here. Looks great except the tires are painfully small... The car looks sorta small on the whole whereas I think most Mustangs looks normal compared to everything on the road. So, looks awesome but put in your orders now at the Tire Rack, cause damn!

  16. Say what?

    I saw a 2005 and a 2004 parked near each other and the 2005 looks MUCH larger than the 2004 even though it is only slightly larger. :shrug:

    The tires are also an inch larger in diameter than what the 99-04 has I don't know how they could look too small. :shrug:
  17. Maybe he meant wheels not tires. That's the only thing I can think of. And if it's only an inch... My girlfriend might complain if something was an inch smaller than expected. But I'm certainly not going to.:D
  18. I just wanted to say thanks, it's rare to find a thread on an internet forum where people disagree so strongly yet still have a relatively inteligent conversation. Now for those famous words...
    "IMO"!!!! the '05 is pretty much a knockout. The exterior recalls the past without being retro. The bulk and stance indicate a completely new car. It seems ridiculous to me that someone with a '94+ complains about the bulkiness/small wheel look...YES the wheels look small under the car (especially the 17", I bet the factory 18"s will be better), but have none of you seen a stock '94-04 before? There are a hundred other posts about the old 4X4 look!!!! Here's a hint, folks...Mustangs look WAY better with a suspension drop and +1" wheel sizing. As for the "car looks too boring" people...I just don't understand. If I wanted cheesy flares and scoups, I would by a Pontiac. (For example, take a look at the Batmobile...oops...I mean the '93+ Firebird Trans Am. Pure overdone exxess.) The '05 has lots of interesting styling details (pronounced "C" on the side, shark-like gills blended in under headlight glass, distinct circular gas cap in the rear) without having to resort to boy-racer add-ons. I don't see the need for weight adding, un-aerodynamic, non-functional hood-scoups and fake brake vents. To me the Bullitt is the best looking (non-Cobra) 99-04 'Stang because IT DOESN'T HAVE THE CHEESY FAKE SIDE VENTS!!! '01+ GT's look silly with the useless fake vents everywhere! And no, I am not some old-school 40+ guy (not that there's anything wrong with that!) I am a car nut in his late twenties who appreciates tastefull and subtle styling. In closing, I would say that if you don't believe the '05 will be a runaway sales success, you must be blind to the real world. There hasn't been this much excitment about an affordable new vehicle in years. The fact that we are all so passionate about it is just icing on the Ford marketing cake!
  19. The first time I saw a production design 2005 GT, I was "Hmmmm, not sure what I think." But every time I see it, it grows on me. When the 1999 came out, I nearly cried the first time I saw it -- I thought Ford was actively trying to kill the Mustang. But I eventually bought a 1999 Cobra, and I think the 2003/2004 Cobra looks pretty nifty as well. And so it is with any new design. Based on my starting opinion of the 2005, I think it may end up being my favorite of all time.

    What I see is infinite possibilities for customization. Listen to everyone talk about racing stripes, shaker scoops, ducktails, louvers, and so on. The upside of having retro cues in the design is that there is a lot of enthusiasm for modifications, and there is a lot of history to work with. I can't wait to see new Mustangs at the car shows in the next few years, as people recreate Boss 302's, Mach 1's, Shelby's, etc. :nice:

    I do agree that the interior is the hardest part to get used to. I would make some changes if I could -- move the e-brake back to the passenger side and put regular vertically oriented numbers on the gauges both come to mind. But I can say this -- at least the interior is original. Sure, the BMW has a nice interior, as does the GTO, and many other cars. But can you tell one from another? Comfy, plush, high quality -- all good attributes, but they're all very sanitary and boring as well.

    So I've ordered my 2005 Mustang GT, and I've already got mods planned for it. The exhaust can stay, because it seems to sound quite good in factory trim. But the day I buy the car I'm going to paint the back of the muffler cans black, so they're not so visible. I understand that Ford had to put them there, but I don't like to see them. Then I'm going to buy a set of H&R springs as soon as they are released -- I think about 0.75" to 1" will be a perfect drop. And then I'm taking it to the paint shop to have a set of white or light silver stripes painted down the middle :banana:. And when SVTdriver makes his prototype ducktail ... sign me up!

  20. This is what it comes down to when someone gives an opinion the 05 Mustang.

    If they have a newly purchased 99+..the 05 isn't that good looking.
    If they have a 99+, but is paid off and they want the 05, the 99+ sucks and the 05 is the way to go.
    If they have an older mustang or not a mustang at all, the 05+ is the way to go and the 99+ sucks.

    That's what it comes down to I think. I personally dont like the 05 Mustang, yet. But is it because I really don't like it or is it because I got an 03 GT a year ago?