Saw '05 Mustang on the road today... my thoughts!

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  1. I think the '05 is one of the nicest Mustang's ever built. I think Ford is starting to raise the bar on the cars they build and that's good news.

    But, there has been a trend lately with car companies. They have been building some really nice performance-oriented cars at reasonable prices. Subaru has my attention right now with the new '05 Legacy GT. And the competition is just going to get tougher. I think the new Mustang will still sell better than the previous generation though, and I might still consider it.
  2. You're talking about me.

    The main reason why I want an 05 is:

    The drastically better ride and handling it will have because of its 52/48 front / rear weight balance (instead of 57/43), true McPhearson front suspension with coil overs, new rear syspension that gets rid of the 4 link setup that binds, 6" longer wheelbase.

    Other reasons are: the much better front seats, the lower Noise, vibration & harshness, gas tank under the rear seat and more HP & torque, the nice modern features like the message center, one touch up and down windows, global window open from the remote, larger trunk and I like the styling better (styling is actually low on my list. I like the 99-04 but I like the 05 more.)
  3. i have to agree with kevindust, the bullit is the nicest looking stang in that period.clean and mean :D
  4. I'm posting here because I just parked next to an '05 stang during lunch. (Dearborn, MI). I have to say, I have no idea who they are marketing this car towards. I had my suspicions, but now they are confirmed. They've done the exact same thing that they did to the Thunderbird, which everyone knows turned out to be disasterous. I imagine Ford's 30+ yrs. of service employees made the decision to go retro on this one.

    Bottom line: I don't know anyone my age (24) that likes the way this thing is styled. And that is the age (18-25) that buys most of the mustangs, isn't it? I am sure the ride and engine are vastly improved, but most people base their decision off appearance anyway. The thing looks clunky and old. It is literally something my Grandpa would drive.

    This is obviously just my opinion and of course I can't treat my opinion as fact. But I still felt the need to post since I finally got a first hand look at this thing. I went with the now-cheap Cobra this year and I'm very glad I did.
  5. I drove one today... 10 out of 10 for sure!!
  6. I'm 22 and will own a 05 Mustang. My best friends are 24 and 22 and absolutly LOVE the 05 styling. My 24 year old friend also hasnt liked a Mustang that was built after 71. He thinks this is the best looking new Mustang ever created.
  7. jpjr

    Hey, Jr., watch out for grandpa's, they may surprise you.
  8. That's where you're laughably wrong and uninformed when it comes to Mustang history. The Mustang has historically (and still will, even more, IMHO) appealled to a HUGE range of ages, from cradle to grave literally. BUT, you're a full DECADE off on the median age of the average Mustang buyers. The Mustang has always been a car that an 80 year old retiree, or a 60 year old woman, or a 38 year old professional, or a 16 year old kid could jump in, and they would all look cool and right at home. When carmakers actually TARGET the young 18-25 crowd, you get Scions :D ..... Besides, what do you and all your friends drive currently anyways?? What car WOULD you currently buy if you had $26 grand burning a hole in your pocket? I was at the 40th anniversary show in Nashville. Getting close to the '05 on display was practically impossible, due to all the kids and young adults mobbing the car.
  9. How is it you don't know anyone your own age Jpjr?
  10. The median age of Mustang GT customers is around 40 years old. That is half of all people who buy a new Mustang GT are over 40 and half are under 40. IIRC Mustang GT customers are also about 70 - 80% male.

    The median age of Mustang V6 customers is around 35 - 36 years old and is about 60% female.

    Note: This data is for people who buy new Mustangs not for used car custoemers. The data is from new vehicle registrations.
  11. Wow cool thanks for the info I never would have thought that...
  12. I think the only thing in this post that is correct. Is that it is your opinion on the looks. As has been said before. The median age for gt buyers is considerably higher than 18-25. That age group is more often driving used gt's. They generally have college and other bills that make affording a new gt to hard. Many of the 18-25 yr olds that I know. Enjoy the import scene more than mustangs. I do know several mustang owners in that age group. But all have used cars.
  13. Here is my '66 camaro

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  14. Not a big fan of the new stang but to each there own. I'll tell you one thing, i can't wait to smoke one and see the guys face afterward. :)
  15. hehehe... these "I don't like the 05" people will change their minds once the personal modded versions start showing up. I'm so looking forward to seeing a lowered black '05 decked out with pipes and wheels rumbling down the street I get silly just thinking about it.
  16. Same here. I've had people at work walk by my computer and ask me what kind of car I have for my wallpaper. When I tell them they look impressed. Whether they buy one is another thing, but the fact that they notice is very satisfying.
  17. The first few camaros looked just like mustangs
    Mustangs came out 2 years before the camaro :lol: