Saw a 2010 GT in person *pics*

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  1. Yesterday a co-worker who is also into Mustangs told me that the dealer down the street from my job had a new GT so I took a ride down to take a peek. Sticker was $33k and change.

    I am not really much of a fan in all honestly, but maybe it will grow on me. The wheels totally suck, the nose curves down too abruptly, the lights and grille suck and the tapering of the back is too dramatic.

    Here are a couple pics, what do you guys think of the new re-design??

  2. I'm with you . Not a big fan of them here either. I hope they grow on my like the 94 on up did. I wish i had somthing to take pic's with but i have seen the roush model up here in Michigan. I was able to talk with a guy driving a mule 2010 with the bra's all over it. He would say much about it other then he was doing real world testing on it. You know he had like 3 laptops hooked up to it with sencors all over it and shoved up the tailpipes. It was a trip to say the least.
  3. The rear end is HIDEOUS!!! Other than that, the wheels, & the stance, the car looks good IMO...
  4. The rear kills it for me! The rest is fine and wheels can be changed.

    If the aftermarket wants to make some $$$ they need to create a rear bumper and/or taillights for this thing.
  5. I love it! The rearend is bearable for me, but could definitely use a re-do. I like the taillights, but that bumper needs to be fixed.
  6. Big question for me is ..Is it that much better than a 09 or say even a Bullitt .. ... Need someone that already has a GT to go drive a new one ..
  7. See the back is the cleanest part to me. the shouldered 69-esque 1/4 panels are cool and the back is clean but too tapered. The front is so busy and smashed down and there is no chin to the bumper spoiler but a beak of a hood and main bumper.

    As far as how it drives, I have driven tons of 05+ cars as well as Bullitts and Shelby GT's so if I get the chance to drive the 2010 I will be sure to report back
  8. Dont like the wheels or bumper/tail lights. Other then that I think they look great. :shrug:
  9. The worst part is that cheap ugly black plastic they used for the lower body trim: I loved the 05-09 body color there.

    Front fender is very Camaro/Firebird like.

    The butt is butt ugly.

    The wheels are terrible.

    Looks the 05-09's will become desirable like the Foxes did.
  10. I have to disagree and say I like the rear end, just my opinion. I don't think it's hideous. I like that color there but I have a grabber blue GT premium with those wheels and 3.73 gears on order. I should be getting my build date some time next week.
  11. To me the front is ok (would look better without the power dome hood) but the back I have know idea why ford did what they did. The tail lights nice but that's it for the rear.
  12. The 2010 GT is supposed to be based off the 2009 Bullitt.
  13. I know and really like the clean lines of the Bullitt, but if the 2010 is a much better car I would rather have it ..
  14. No he doesnt mean the look, he means the mechanical. It has the exact same drivetrain as the Bullitt and the suspension is similar. Basically choose which body style you like better. If you like the 05-09 style, get the Bullitt, if you like the 2010 better, get the new GT. Underneath, the car is so similar it becomes a matter of style preference.
  15. Well, also the interior is supposed to be updated (with better quality too); however, I like the unique interior of my Bullitt.
  16. The back end is taking some getting used to but overall I love the look of the car. Those particular wheels are however hiseious but I believe other styles are available if desired.
  17. Yea , thats kinda what I was saying .. It was like the Bullit was a test Mule for the Suspension of the 2010.. I mean I also like the fact the Bullitt dont have the fake hood scoop or the rear wing... and I think they all were stick cars , but Im not sure on that
  18. I really did not like the look at first but it's growing on me already. I like the back but not the plastic bottom part because it makes the hole car look kind of cheap.
  19. wow, the back finally grew on me. It kind of creates a twisting motion down the side of the car. The front points down and the back points up. It is made to look straight when it does wheelies.
  20. I Love it lol. I dont see anything wrong with it.