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  1. I just saw the new GTO coming down the street, and that thing is way uglier then i thought. It looked like a grand am from the front sorta. The new 2005 mustang looks so much better in everyway. The new GTO does the old one no justice at all.
  2. I know, I don't think I would be able to tell it apart from any other Pontiac anyway
  3. You can tell it apart from the other Pontiacs because it looks more gay. I finally saw one in person, and it looked worse than in the pictures. The body screams "four cylinder!", no matter what engine is under the hood. I would rather that it at least *look* a little more masculine.

  4. Before they went on sale i thought of them as a grand prix that was rwd
  5. Yes yes. We all know its ugly. What else is new??
  6. can't wait to start seeing vids of 05s beating them :)
  7. How come everyone seems to confuse ugly and conservative?

    I understand that some were hoping for a full blow Retro GTO, but just because it has a very modern classy conservative style doesn't make it ugly, is the BMW M3 ugly? I think the Holden Monaro/Pontiac GTO is a fine looking car, most that are disappointed seem to be wanting over-the-top WS6 styling.

  8. Unless they get the 400HP LS2 for '05 as rumored :)
  9. I find it quite difficult to spend 30 grand on a car that looks like a friggin Cavalier.
  10. YES! The BMW M3 IS Ugly. They are too rounded looking.

    And YES! The new GTO is Ugly too. It wants to make me puke my guts out. It looks like an egg shaped car that's gay. I hope that GM changes the GTO's styling and makes it look retro just like Ford made the 2005 Mustang retro.
  11. i think the gto looks straight... but not special like it should be
  12. Ah z28... a Cobra owner but a GM groupie at heart... the original GTO wasn't plain. Even if it was based off a Le Mans. This car is plain. And I don't like BMWs for the exact same reason. Ask my friend who owns a 325ci. I give him **** all the time, he just doesnt' understand me.

    And I honestly don't care if the GTO gets the LS2 or not. Still won't take a whole lot of mods to take a 05 GT past that too, and we get the one-up in 2006 with the Cobra. So there! :p
  13. It just goes to show that you can't make everyone happy. Gm does make some fugly vehicles (current cavalier/sunfire. Aztec, Avalanche Monte Carlo, Grand Am...) Actually, I would say most of GM's styling really doesn't turn my crank. This thing looks OK to me.

    And as for bad road holding and being overweight; the original car wasn't exactly light on it's feet either. Maybe they managed to honor the heritage after all.

    ...and the M3 is F---ing Sweet!
  14. Yeah.. I just don't see this cavalier in the GTO.... Hardly looks like a Pontiac if not for the signature grill.... all I see in it is... Saturn! Now, Saturns use this styling because it is so plain that no one it is hard to feel strongly about it. Strongly being dislike it or love it.. it goes both ways. I don't see the sports car buying market going GAGA over it. It has '0' Personality :rolleyes:
    Although I bet it is a bit more aerodynamic than the `05 stang, but so is a Taurus. :rlaugh:
  15. The original 1964 GTO was just a Pontiac Tempast with fake hood scoops and a huge engine. The Tempast looked just like a Grand Prix, So if you put hood scoops on the current GTO it will follow the GTO formula 100%.

    SadbutTrue, is it wrong to like both Ford and GM? As long as it is American it's all good :D

  16. Wow :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:

    Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse............
  17. What in the world does the looks of the GTO have to do with the 2005 Mustang?

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  18. Perhaps a CT is in order... "Dammit, I wish they'd make me a moderator" :rlaugh:

  19. I'll take issue with you here on two things: The TempEst was no more "just like" a Grand Prix that a Mustang was "just like" a Galaxie. A COMPLETELY different car. Secondly, the new GTO is not American. It's an Australian import. I really wonder what the quality of this thing is going to be. The last Aussie car brought over here was the Capri convertible. That thing was so bad that Ford stopped importing it and sent letters of apology to owners for the lousy QC.
  20. Yes, I know it is built in Austrailia, but it is an American nameplate with an American Built engine/tranny (and many other parts) and all the profits go to GM a US company. As far as quality goes most magazines have been comparing it's quality to BMW, and saying it is better than any Ford, GM, or DC car built in North America (other than Cadillac).