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  1. im not a fan of the GTO, they just changed the front from the Holden. But WHY cant FORD take notice of importing and import the TS50 or Falcon ZR8 from australia?
  2. I think the BMW m3 is a great looking car, I dont see any resemblance to the gto though???
  3. Ford makes some sweet cars down in australia. They have the Falcon with a DOHC 5.4L V8, we get crap like the FWD Taurus for our Sedan :(
  4. The ONLY car that is nice is the Mustang. All the other cars are plain ugly.
  5. i agree in every way. The Falcon would sell like crazy here, a fast four door, maybe to go against the new Cadillac CTS V? (even though nothing can touch that thing)
  6. Its not so much that its ugly... its more like its just another car. Looks way too plain... a lot like the current GTO.
  7. That's ALSO what I've been trying to say in here. It's too plain and it's also very ugly. It's a disgrace to GM and to the GTO heritage. GM should be able to build a better looking GTO than the current model. I hate it when automobile companies cannot get their car designs straight. This tells me that they have morons working at their companiy who don't have a clue about designing a nice looking car. All the good car designers of the 60's and early 70's are all retired or dead by now. They were the ONLY generation of automobile designers who knew how to design a nice looking car. We had better looking cars in the late 60's and early 70's. Right now we have only rounded P.O.S. that look like eggmobiles. Bring back the 60's and early 70's car designs. Most cars on the road today are ugly and too rounded.
  8. Im sure everyone in the world agrees with you on that one.

  9. so im assuming that the mustang isnt plain, correct? I need to find the definition of plain. Is there any other way to explain plain?
    This is too plain?
  10. It's the truth. There is NO OTHER car as nice looking as the Mustang out there. The only other cars which I like that I consider nice looking is the Lotus Esprit. But the Lotus is a whopping $85,000. And that's waaaaaaaaay too expensive for a car.
  11. The picture of that ugly BMW looks just like any other car that's out on the road today. I don't see any difference in its looks than whetever else is on the roads.
  12. ok ok ok i know the problem now, I suggest you go to a doctor and get your vision checked.
  13. Everybody is entitled to their opinion....but they never said they had to make much sense.
  14. Well, it does. Why do you dispute that? The styling of the BMW in the picture looks like a half a dozen other cars that are on the road today. I'm sorry, but the BMW has NO STYLING cues. It looks just too plain. I don't like it.
  15. This is true, and everyone should be able to argue their opinion too.
  16. OH so your a automotive style designer, sorry didnt mean to argue with you.
  17. :nonono:
    The BMW M3 is in a class way past your mustang... I invite you to glance at the interior of your 2 stangs that hasn't changed in 10 years... Unless you rip out the whole interior and start over, you won't acheive near the effect of the M3's German engineering... Not to mention the fact that it comes with 333hp from the factory... The M3 is a beautiful car, and until you've taken one for a day at a road track you're not fortunate enough to know the feel of what i'm talking about. I love my mustang, but the M3 is an incredible peice of machinery.
  18. ty.. exactly how i think about it. My mustang is great, but those BMW's are on a whole other level, same with the price lol
  19. I am NOT talking about the interior of the BMW. I am talking about the EXTERIOR of the BMW. The exterior is ugly. Don't you know how to read? I never mentioned anything about the BMW's interior. I could care less about how the BMW interior looks like.

    Keep on the subject. We are talking about the ugly exterior of the BMW. And the Mustang has a nicer looking exterior than the BMW. The BMW exterior looks like an overglorified Camry. It's shaped just like a Camry. Everything on the road today is shaped like a Camry. That's why I don't like the BMW. Now after trying to explain this for the 100th time, I hope that I got my point thru in here about this topic. Thank you.
  20. BTW Mr. Jeremy, if you still have the stock front end on your cars, you might want to rethink that styling que... You know, the first thing anyone should see is the front end... the last thing is the rear disappearing