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  1. If I were to compare the Mustang with other cars within the same price range or which cost a little bit more money, I would say YES. The Mustang looks much nicer.

    But if I were to compare it to some of the exotic and really expensive cars, I would say that the Mustang is nice looking, if not as equally as nice looking as some of the exotic more expensive cars. For example, the Lotus Esprit and the Jaguar XJS (they don't build the XJS older body style anymore). For the most part, I don't like most of the exotic sports cars that are made because they too are too rounded and radical in their designs. I like the older model exotic cars that were built in the early 90's and in the 80's.
  2. Off topic: wait...are you really who you claim to be? If this is in fact you...damn...nice to see ya does the ExTenze stuff really work?LOL!
  3. Dude come on it's the internet what do you think?
  4. Seriously.
  5. DP - But GTO's are sweet.
  6. GTOs are boring but not ugly I think. Interior is sweet.
  7. from a guy who thinks Challengers are ugly? :nonono:
  8. I had to think about it for a minute but..... The Falcon under the Lincoln name plate might be a really good Idea. About touching the Cadillac.... the aero dynamics alone of the COWCATCHER on the caddy would slow it down enough for the Falcon to spank it..... but they would be Luxury cars, no one races those. :p

    Ok back to topic. :OT:
  9. Huh?? :shrug: I don't often mistake an M3 for a Camry, but that's just me.

    This is not directed at Ron... Most people that bag on a BMW or many other well-engineered cars have never driven one. To each his own indeed but a lot of people do all their test drives from the seat in front of their computer and have no idea what they're talking about, that goes for on this forum and any others on the internet, period. I've driven lots of cars that I NEVER thought I'd really like but when I got out of them I thought totally differently. Anyone can agrue about looks, but don't be fooled into thinking you know how a car "feels" just by reading Motor Trend.

    And finally, I would not buy a GTO. However, I think its understated looks are GM's step in the right direction. Enough shocking design theories like Aztecs, more GTO's I say.

  10. Ron, that's exactly what I don't like about the '05 Mustang - that "jellybean nose"... too rounded. The GTO looks great, almost as sharp as the 3-series Beemer, because they are supposed to look that way. Those are sedans.

    Having owned '65 Mustangs (two) since Spring 1964, I like the clean, crisp styling that nobody wants to build today. Including Ford. >sigh<

    Why can't we have clean, crisp styling, no fat butt, and 21st century mechanicals???
  11. C'mon, Ron. I've never heard anyone call a Z3 ugly. (We build 'em great here in S.C.). ...Yessir, the Z4 IS ugly - looks too Asian. But the Z3 looks great and performs even better. The 5-series before the current is probably the best looking sedan ever built - and the best performing, but I'll agree with you on the newest ones.
  12. Rounded nose? I think the '05 Mustang is just about the complete opposite of a rounded nose. It's exactly why it looks so good. The only thing I dislike about the front of the car is the vertical portions next to each headlight. In the concept, the grill curved into the light and it just looked soooo much better.
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  14. Won't scare me. I'm dropping 500hp stroker in my 67.
  15. Not to bad looking. Just looks to much like japanese sports car. Kinda looks like a honda.
  16. The 2005 Mustang does not have a rounded nose. It's more linear than a BMW. I used to like the older model BMW's, but after they ruined the styling and went with the rounded body styles I don't care for them anymore. When BMW starts building a nicer looking car that's not rounded, I will give them higher ratings. I have driven the 300 and 500 series BMW's. I liked the older 500 series and the older 600 and 700 series. I don't care for them anymore because they don't look nice.

    And to answer your question about who I am, the answer is yes. I am the the one who they call the Hedgehog. The chubby and hairy one who is famous worldwide for having thousands of attractive female women by his side. I am honored to be in here. I hope that you lucky people can come to the Ponderosa Club this summer in Indiana to join in on the activities that are going to be held there. I have been an honored guest and the honored host there for the last many years. Hope to see you there. You'll have a good time. Guaranteed. :nice:
  17. The 05 does have a rounded nose - as compared to the concept Mustang and ESPECIALLY as compared to an early Mustang. Yes, it's less rounded than a Beemer, but that is not the comparison to make. Compare it to the other Mustangs and even to its no-longer-built competition.

    Everybody was going with the jellybean look, but some stylists are moving away from it. That's good, in my humble opinion. Just wish the Mustang was, too.
  18. The jellybean look is the ugly look. Period.
  19. Obviously I have touched your life in some way. I even forgot that I said that.
  20. So you would like the Mustang to look more like a Jeep or Hummer?