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  1. that was a memorable statement.
    don't worry, everything else you said has been endless drivel. :D :nice:
  2. Ok, the GTO's are very "Pontiac" looking and borderline ugly. Not Asstek or avalanche looking ugly. I DO like the new mustang but it isnt the ONLY good looking car. The BMW M3 is Very nice, and This car DEFINATLY isnt Ugly.

    AstonMartin V12 Vanquish.


  3. :worship: :drool: :worship: :drool: :hail2:
  4. About the picture of the Aston Marton above: It's still rounded looking. I don't like it. Rounded looking cars are ugly. I don't care how fast they are or what type of technology and performance they have. Period.

    And to answer the other person's question in here about whether I like the Mustang to look like the boxy Jeep or the boxy Hummer. The answer is NO. I wouldn't want the Mustang to look like the boxy Jeep or the boxy Hummer. I want it to look just like it did during the 60's and early 70's. Those were the ONLY years when the Mustang looked really nice. During the years after that the Mustang looked like $hit. IT DIDN'T LOOK LIKE A FRIGGIN MUSTANG! WTF! How many times do I have to repeat myself? You got to be retarded to not understand me. Or you got to be a generation Xer or Yer who has doesn't remember how nice a real Mustang used to look like in the 60's and early 70's. Because if you did, you wouldn't be telling me that I want the Mustang to look like the boxy Jeep and the boxy Hummer. It's not what I meant when I made my previous post here. Read and try to understand what you are reading when I make a post in here. Jeeeeez! :bang:
  5. Kinda sounds like a ricer that likes to drive bricks.
  6. I dont like the M3 either. Actually Ive always thought beemer sucked. Ive driven them and they suck. There exhaust note sounds crappy too, and they make this whiny sound when they rev, I dunno I just dont like 'em. I see where Ron is coming from. The Aston Martin is awesome. The GTO is sad, but could be worse (like the asstek)
  7. I got a chance to get up close to a v12 aston martin 2 years ago and that car is just stunning. And I don't buy this rounded=ugly stuff. There is a big difference between the jellybean shapes around today and say... an E-type Jaguar. Not a lot of flat surfaces or angular corners on that car and it is probably one of the sexiest cars aver built IMO.
  8. THe new Aston Martin DB9 is hot too, Sorry hear you don't like anycars with curves Ron, your missing out.

    Jelly bean = all VW and Ford 500
  9. :stupid:
  10. I think the GTO is a good looking car albiet a little too conservatively styled. Overall, a nice package.

    Aston=sex on wheels. Don't see how one would consider it ugly. I'd seriously have to question Ron’s taste in cars. To say that an 05 mustang looks better than an GTO is one thing (I too think 05 looks better), and to say it looks better than the M3 is close to overboard (E46 M3 is damn sexy), but putting it above the Aston is crossing the line to absurdity. The Aston can almost be consider the epitome of style.
  11. *drool* :worship: :drool:. I'd give both nuts for that Aston. Heck, i'd throw in a kidney, and my first born:D.

    Rounded and curvy, yet not femme. That looks VERY muscular, a lot more so than the angular 05 Mustang or 67 era Mustang (which look muscular in their own right).

    Never thought someone would use the term "ugly" to describe an Aston Martin:bang: :shrug:.
  12. Haha! Some of you guys are hard up and need this 05 stang bad huh. If you ever get to drive one, you'll probably be disappointed in the performance. 300hp... :notnice:
  13. That A.M. V12.....gaggagaagggaa :drool: :drool: :hail2: :drool: :drool:
  14. My 98' has ONLY 305hp with less torque than the 05', and Im happy with her. I don't think any one is hard up for the new stang, just excited. :shrug:
  15. A paxton or vortech supercharged version running on 91 octane would easily be 400hp/400 lb-ft and still be reliable, AND still be under 30K.

    I like the sound of that.
  16. Fast, but rice.
  17. Rice?????

  18. Rice??? How so? That is the "Hartge" M3.

    Me thinks you're using the term "rice" a bit liberally here. That car is clean and devoid of rice.

  19. Absolutely. I can't understand why more people in this board don't like this car. I think it's pretty slick.