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  1. I'm tempted to try that on a 65 Mustang convert.............
  2. I like the GT-40. Now that's a nice looking car.
  3. Agreed...that 2-toned silver GT is amazing; I hope the Mustang comes in that color. I just got back from an auto show, and everyone was crowded around the Ford GT and Mustang concept (they didn't have a production :nonono:). The GTO was all alone--no one was near that thing. I felt bad so I went and checked it out. It was small but seemed like it might be fun to drive...but the looks...what was GM thinking? It just doesn't look like a sports car, so my theory is that people pass it by as a regular Pontiac.
  4. At the Detroit autoshow they had 3 GTOs, you couldn't get near them the crowd was huge. I wanted to sit in one but didn't want to wait behind 20 other people.

    A lot of people don't realize Pontiac didn't design the GTO, it is just a rebadged Holden Monaro. It would probably get bashed less if it was call Monaro and not GTO.



  5. See...Detroit is so crowded, that I'd think everything would have a crowd by default. The last two times I was there, I couldn't get near anything. Plus, Detriot draws a more inspired crowd, so people know it's a GTO.

    The fact that this car was rebadged is what has me questioning GM. Did they really think it would be accepted, especially when triggering all the nostalgia of the original? How would we react if the new Mustang was a rebadged Focus or something?
  6. I seen a YELLOW GTO on my block yesterday(some chick driving it), and it was SWEEEET!

    I'd prob pick up a GTO when I sell the cobra, I just want to see how well they hold up and if there are any problems...

  7. I will just wait for the cheap, FIERO based, KIT CAR version! :nice:

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  8. GM's (lutz's) concern was getting the thing over here as asap. From the time they made the decision to having the first car in the showroom was less than 18 months. Apparently it wasn't just a simple restyle either. One of the big issues they had to deal with was making sure the unibody could stand up to the elements here in north america. I guess they don't use much salt on the roads down under.

    Considering that, I think they did a pretty descent job.
  9. Not Mercury or Kia :D

    I don't know about Focus but... I see your point. If they Imported a Falcon coupe and called it the Mustang , people would be pissed. Even though the Falcon is a sick car (390HP 5.4L V8) , it would probably get bashed as much as the GTO for not having any styleing ques from past models.

    shatner saves is right, GMs and Lutz's concern was to get the Monaro/GTO over hear ASAP with minimal cost to keep the car afford able. A total reskin would have added cost and pushed back introduction by over 1 year. Look for styling changes on the 2005 GTO, and possible 400HP LS2.
  10. First off, the original GTO was not my generation, and I haven't really been following the new one too much; so, keep that in mind. I'm not saying the new GTO is ugly, it's just uninspired. In the mix of Pontiac vehicles, I didn't even spot it the first time through. Do you look at this new car and see resemblance of the past?

    The other thing that is probably hurting this car is price. When you're paying $35k for a car, you want something special. If the new GTO was at the $25k level in competition with the Mustang, maybe it would be more accepted.
  11. I will say that thing has one of the nicest interiors Iv'e ever seen. That's saying a lot for a GM vehicle. The color matched gauges are a nice touch too.
  12. Yes, the interior was nice. When I got in, it did make me want to take it for a spin.
  13. The dealer by me finally got a GTO so I stopped for a look. WOW the interior looks awesome, It blows Camaros and Mustangs away by a long shot. I even think it looks nicer than the M3 and G35. For $33K it seems like a good value, A LOT more HP than a G35 or BMW 330 coupe, and a lot more luxurious than the Mustang Mach1 and Cobra. Good mix of luxury and performance.
  14. The G35 is pretty nice too. I don't care for the '70's HiFi switches on the steering wheel, but aside from that, well done.
  15. You would be better off with the tube frame, mid-engined Ford 5.0 or 427 side-oiler version. :o)
  16. yEA, I wish.

    tube frames are wayyy too much money.
  17. Don't forget the full on leopard print upholstery and dash.

    Aaaaw, yea.
  18. I think it is a shame for an american car company to not have the balls to build their own rear drive v8 midsize...(especially after they killed the f-body due to poor sales and poor quality issues...)... all the "nostalgia" hype of the GTO.....lmao....another p.o.s from the wait...a subaru makes the outback....
  19. Ford does have its own rear wheel drive V8 FULLSIZE car. She is called the MAURADER.

    Just wait, Ford has a lot of new cars coming out within the next 5years, something is bound to pop up.
  20. Ron you don't like curved cars but you like the Ford GT? There's barely a straight line on that car. And btw you've got to be the only person on Earth that thinks a BMW M3 looks like a Toyota Camry and a Honda Accord, I mean come on... that's going a little too far. If you can't tell the difference there then how do you know you're even looking at an M3 and not a 318ci? I understand you don't care for it's styling, but lets not get carried away here, those are some pretty bold, and wrong statements. I love ya Ron, but you're killin' me man! lol.