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  1. Then what exactly would you call the Lincoln LS, the Caddy CTS V series and the new Caddy STS?

  3. i guess i should have stated myself a bit more clearly.i was not referring to US luxury sedans (lincoln,cadillac).
    what i was getting at is GM hyping this thing and slapping their legendary pontiac GTO name all over it, GM should have built the damn thing themselves, instead of looking overseas to build their "replacement" for the f-body. GM USA wants to take all the credit for building this "fantastic" automobile...but they sure dont go out of the way to let the general public know it came from australia. I know a lot of enthusiast know this, but 90% of the general public have no clue!
    and the mighty General isnt going to spread the word either.
  4. The next Gen GTO will be built in the US in late 2006. THe current car will be imported from 04-06 while GM works on the new RWD platform.
  5. GM DID build the d**n thing themselves. Monaro is a GM brand, built in GM plants. No different from US built Hondas still being Hondas. Or Z3s and X5s still being BMWs.

    Remember: the last generation Camaros and Firebirds were imported cars, too.
  6. Who cares where the car is built. Honestly they are only assembled, all the parts come pre-made from mostly other countries such as China were labor is 50cents a day.
  7. I drove it. I had that thing sideways coming out of 28th st onto 9th ave in Manhattan. That car has some cohones. It's a perfect sleeper.
  8. That's good to hear. I want to drive one, but can't find one anywhere.
  9. I drove one over the weekend. Had the whole damn salesforce come out when they thought I was going to be trading in my Mach 1 on the Goat LOL! The car I drove was yellow with a black interior and had an automatic. I was kinda shocked at how small the car actually is considering how heavy it is! :shrug: While yeah, it had some lowend grunt to it, top end seemed a little weak to me, the interior was pretty nice, but overall, I wasn't impressed. I told the sales guys I'll be leaving in my Mach, and you guys sell that thing to the next blue-haired old lady that comes in here, with my blessings. :p
  10. Fuggin with dealers rules. TROMach1, do you think the stick would have been a bit faster?
  11. I would hope that the 6-speed would be a little peppier, but these guru's swear that their automatics are almost as good as the manuals, so I don't know. Being old school, actually, just plain old, this car reminded me alot of the old, big cruisers from the early '70's like the 455 powered Olds Delta 88's, Pontiac Grand Prix's, and Buick Regals. You could feel the power, but it's moving such a heavy car, it takes a considerable bit of power just to overcome gravity, but once it's moving, it feels really good, and it has a sweet spot in the 75-100mph range, then it goes back to feeling like it's lugging the baggage around again.
  12. 1/8 mile time

    I watched one run at irwindale speedway's 8th mile. It ran 10's (MID to low) and it was the auto. All the GM guys I 've talked to told me that the auto's are faster then the sticks. So keeping in mind the fact that the stock mustang runs 9.2 or metter in the 8th mile, the GTO is no where neer what I thought it would be.:notnice: there next try to replace the camaro is looking to be the new chevell. We'll see.
  13. I might be wrong but wouldn't the next Chevelle (if they are doing one) be a rebodied GTO/Monaro? What platform would the use otherwise? There was a woman from GM on Autoline Detroit and, when pressed, suggested that the Kappa wouldn't be suitable for a large V8 powered car.
  14. I doubt there will be a Chevelle. Too much over lap with the next gen Monte Carlo and Camaro
  15. An auto faster than a 6-speed?? With same rear gears? MBFM (male bovine fecal matter). I've heard that, too but it ain't gonna happen with at least 10% of your horsepower lost inside that slushbox. The only way is for the manual driver not knowing how to handle the clutch and stick!! (Which is not uncommon....)
  16. I saw a magazine in the shelves today, I think it was "chevy high performance", that had an extensive article on a chevelle concept. It looks like a photochopped GTO with a different front and rear clip. The sides and greenhouse were definitley GTO.

    If you thought the GTO looks like a cavalier, wait till you see this (yikes!). The chevy die hards are going to freak out if this is the best GM can come up with. I just glanced over it so I don't know if this is from GM or if it is someone elses wet dream.

    I haven't been able to find it online so, if I'm feeling really sporting tomorrow, I'll pick it up and see if I can get some scans.
  17. It was a photoshop done by the Mag not GM. I didn't like it either. The current Monaro/GTO is done after 2006. So even if they did do a Chevelle it would look 100% different from the current Monaro/GTO.
  18. Maybe a new Chevelle would look like the malibu except 2dr.
  19. Yuuuuccccckkkk!!! that would be nasty.

    Would be an interesting play on names, though, as the Malibu was originally the upgrade package on the Chevelle. (It was originally the "Chevelle Malibu".)
  20. I have seen the new 2004 Malibu. They have given it a whole brand new body style. The previous Malibu was rounded in the front and in the rear. The new 2004 Malibu is more linear in the front and squared in the rear. It look much nicer than the 2003 model year Malibu. I wouldn't mind owning a 2004 Malibu as an everyday driver. It's not an ugly looking car like the previous body style. I hate rounded looking cars. Period.