Saw my first Shelby 500 KR in the wild

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  1. Driving to work yesterday morning I heard a car rev up next to me and damnded if it was't a silver with blue stripes Shelby 500 KR. I never thought I would see one just cruising the streets but there it was. I was in my Dodge Charger SRT8 so we gave each other the subtle wave that supercar owners acknowledge each other with. One thing for sure, I was more thrilled than he was!
  2. Guess the guy did a good job with his clone. There are no KRs in the wild yet, except for one black on black sold at BJ and I doubt that one is crusing the streets. Shelby has not built them yet....
  3. no offense, dodge charger srt8 supercar? I have a hard time thinking a mustang in a supercar class, but... seriously

  4. He was kidding, i'm pretty sure.

    Good story man. Even if it wasn't a real KR, it's nice to think about. (I wish I could afford one, that's for sure.)
  5. Actually, if you read what the man said, the reference was to the wave... not that either of them owns a supercar (though of course, we have our biases!)

    Reading comprehension is an asset!
  6. I'm sorry my friend, but you don't own a Supercar. Try again.

    The Z06 isn't even a supercar... it's referred to as Chevy's "supercar killer" because it destroys cars twice its price.

    But if you were joking, I dig it. Spread the love :)
  7. HI, I POSTED A THREAD ABOUT THE 600hP STANG. but i really am looking forward to buy the 700Hp rouch. i never owned a stang. but i want to have the most HP made period. if i going to buy a mustang i just have to have 1 bad a$$ stang.
    now i know there are 1000HP stang's out there. but i live in south florida and went into maroone ford yesterday and the sticker said 45 and several 47g's. but than they had a added sticked sort of double dipping they added almost 30g's to the price making it 75 plus a few added item's, state reg, tax, etc. it was 85g's out the door. no offence i'm not paying 85 for a 500HP stang.
    so my question is what should i pay for a:
    and the new 700HP?
    and is there a dealership that i should buy from.that has the best price's.
    any help & guidence would be greatly apprecaited.
    i have a modifed 326HP and almost 400pounds of torque 05 tundra ,yes a tundra.
    pimped out street truck, very nicely done. i won a trophy for the most tricked out tundra.
    and 2 bike's a 9ish sec, and 10ish sec 1/4 mile.
    but now i want a REAL MUSCLE CAR!
    i figured before i make a stupid move and buy 1 without asking guy's/girls who own this awesome machine, i'd be the idiot. so here i am asking before i make a move.please help, any thing no matter what it is ,i'm sure will be better than not knowing. since this will be my 1st stang.
    if there is anyone in south florida that would help me , i would really appreciate it.
    thankyou in advance,
  8. Roush does not make a 700 hp mustang, the highest output one that they make is the P-51 with 510 hp. Your question of how much to spend for horsepower depends on what you want to do with it. The best Mustang to start with to make a ton of power is the GT500 because it has forged internals and puts up with a lot of boost, including Kenne Bell's biggest blower that would bring you up to around 800 hp. I have no idea what you are willing to spend, which is pretty important to know before anyone can make suggestions. You have to let people know if you want a daily driver, show car, drag car..... Speed costs money, how fast do you want to go. By the way, your post has nothing to do with this thread; start a new one instead next time.
  9. i want a daily driver, not a 1/4 mile race car.
    but i want to drive it on weekends and take it to the track. i want to spend up to 100,000.
    but at that price i want to smoke almost everything in the street.
    but i'd rather have 700+ dyno'ed at over 600 to the rear wheels. and able to drive it without over heating. i don't care about gas mileage. even if i got 4miles per gallon since it will be used as a play toy.
    could you check out the ebay 1 silver and black 10g's in up grages, listed for a buy it now at 55,900. seller is madmax. under 60,g's would be perfect, it leaves me room for much improments in mod's if i want.
    i value all your stang opinions ,since this will be my 1st stang, and i want a bad a$$ stang.
    no 300Hp stang. no offence, i already have over 300HP in my modified tundra.
    i smoked a srt4 in a 0 to 60 run. other tundra's, 240sx, c vic's, ford 150, etc.
    i lost against a lightning with NOS and a srt10. . so now i want a real muscle car.
    i already have a few bikes that do 10 and 1 that does high 9's in the 1/4 mile.
    but my idea is to have a car that not many would even attempt to play with.
    ;-) i want it to be bery quiet, sort of a ninja. sneaky. i don't want to be heard from blocks away where the law will look for the sound.
  10. roush is making a 700Hp for 2009. read up on it it's already on the web do a search.
    the 2009 rouch model will have 700Hp.
    i have been reading and reseaching everything i can, i know most might be BS, but before i spend a small fortune and be disappointed when the 2009's come out, i'd like to ask all you guys everything i can, before i buy, thats the smartest way to buy, i think.
  11. This article seems to give you pretty much everything you're looking for I think.
    The supercharger is capable of supporting up to 1000 hp. A lot of the additional work they have to do is because the owner wanted the stock hood, you can make it fit a lot easier with an aftermarket hood to clear the blower. You can get GT500's for low 50's now, just shop around. I would not buy an already modified GT500 if you are planning to put a lot of money into it. It will end up costing you more money for your mechanic to undo the other guys mods so he can install yours. You sound pretty new to high performance cars of any kind, so don't kill yourself with so much power.
  12. Why mess with Darwin?
    Let him have as much HP as he wants.
  13. Seems unfair to let a perfectly good GT500 take the fall with him.
  14. just buy a saleen extreme:lol: