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  1. Me and my gal went up to the local ice cream shop after dinner. I started hearing the most wonderful sounds coming from several directions. We made our way to the front of the shop, near the road, and across the street was a parking lot full of Mustangs from several generations.

    I heard more engines rumbling in and parking in the side parking lot then started seeing all the folks in line to get ice cream were wearing Mustang shirts and jackets.

    I asked a lady in line what car club it was that had come in tonight. She told me that she was in a large group of people that were travelling from Michigan on the 50th anniversary tour. I was blown away, the small sub group of what I am sure will be thousands, veered down Route 66 just to hit Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. The woman also informed me that in the group were people from all over the country, a few folks from Canada, and even a couple from as far as Germany. Some of the group was going to Charlotte and others to Vegas. They were all here just because of Mustang.

    There was a 69 or 70 Boss 302, a yellow 13 Boss 302, a 07ish Shelby GT, convertibles, Terminators, a pristine 65 or 66 red convertible, a black 67 or 68 fastback with ghost flames, and the crown jewel in my mind was a red 68 Shelby GT500KR. No trailers, all making the voyage via their favorite ride, Mustang.

    Made me wish I had mine with me just to park next to them. It is strange how so many diverse people can be united by a single model of car and fearlessly venturing deep into GM country.

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  2. They're all headed to Little Rock Arkansas!

    Figures... The year after I move out of that town. :nonono:
  3. I wish my car wasn't down and I had the time off to go. I would of fired it up and moved right along with them. Maybe for the 75th Anniversary. I can retire after the next 15 years but will likely work another 20 if possible. That gives me at least 5 years of retirement to prepare.:chin