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  1. Thats right, I bought my first sidearm. I bought a full size Kimber Custom II in stainless steel. Overall I like the gun. Check it out.



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  2. Oh great, a ricer with a gun! Just got done watching 2 fast 2 furious today!

    I love my glock! :nice:
  3. :rlaugh:
  4. If you like that, get a Sig Sauer P226. They're freaking bullet-proof, no pun intended. I think I've put about 5,000 rounds through mine and never had a misfire, aside from cheap Blazer bullets.

    Of course I have a 1911, Sig Sauer, Glock, Ruger P95 + MKII, Remington 870, Hi-point 9mm, and a Bryco .25 cal. Still looking for more.......I'll eventually get a desert eagle after I get a new clutch and convertible top
  5. Why not just get an assault rifle? :shrug:
  6. good point, but if I'm gonna get one of those I'd get an AR-15 or MP5.......both more expensive than my procharger
  7. this is my carry
    kimbers are sweet but I do not care for the feel of a 1911
  8. now just get yourself a badge and you will be brian o'connor
    get the haircut and the cali accent too.

    what are the rules of owning a gun man?
    do you have to go through some sort of registration process?
    and can you carry it with you in your car? gun posesssion has always been something i was never educated about. not much canadians posess sidearms.
  9. Rules: Only shoot someone within the confines of your own house and while they're attacking you. Not running away. Even if they cocksmack your daughter in the face and run, you cant shoot. Only if you feel the threat is still there, I.E. he's coming at you. Always practice good gun safety. Dont buy it to scare people. There's a lot more. Read here.

    You have to have a criminal background check done, but it's done over the phone and 95% are approved in store. Dont act like you know anything if you dont. Just go in and tell them you're interested in owning a gun and have no clue what to look for. They work there for a reason.

    As long as you get a concealed weapons permit, you can carry it wherever you want EXCEPT federal property and schools. You have to be 21 to purchase guns and ammo, but only need to be 18 to carry a concealed weapon.

    That's the way it is here in Indiana. I'm sure there are a ton of different rules wherever you go.
  10. gotta love the colt .45 revolver... got one for my 17th birthday yeah i live in the country
  11. damn, that means you can't just load 5 into a dudes back after he takes your wallet. haha.

    i like the rule about the concealed weapon thing though. i thought it was illegal to have it on you at anytime.

    if you dont mind me asking, what was the reason behind you purchasing a gun, i dont mean to be nosey.

    my dad used to tell me stories about when he lived in st. louis back in the day, about how dangerous the city can be during the night. is your reason for personal protection?
  12. Did anyone see Bowling for Columbine?? Yeah it makes me laugh.


    You can tell who the two canadians are in this thread. :D
  13. No, but should I?
    I've heared from some people its worth the time.
  14. any body here been skeet shooting?

  15. Yes you should....most Americans I think are offended by the guy, I could see why, the stats and what not that he gives are quite interesting. If nothing else its something to think about, but in someways I have to agree with the logic.

  16. Its statements like this that scare me....nobody should have a gun at 17, hell you can't even vote yet, barely any pubes yet! :nonono:
  17. well i've been shooting guns since i could hold them up don't worry about me, *checks pants* they've been there ever since i can remember also...
  18. logic? try dishonesty. Michael Moore was interesting and seemes reasonable to me when I was in middle school, for a few months till I got used to seeing that stupid ****ing TV show he had. The man literaly hates the american way, capitalism, and the corporate structure that provides him with his career. That sid I thought it was funny when he stomed the "private" beach in New Jersey or wherever that was.
  19. Ahhh guns, this is what makes me truly happy I live in Texas, where we still enforce the death penalty (2 years ago even put in an express lane, but that's another story for another time). But here, as long as you've got half decent aim, you can get a concealed weapon license for you automobile, and you don't have to be 21 to buy the guns and ammo. Our background checks, however, are pretty strict. Unlike what you may think, not every Texan carries a gun, Cowboys do, but most residents only carry them in their vehicles or in their bedrooms within arms reach of their bed. And say someone is happening to run away in your home, you can still shoot him, hell empty out the whole clip, police won't give it a second glance.