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  1. AZ is an open carry state, but I do have a CWP/CCP as well
  2. Never saw his show, I have only watched that movie of his. So I can't comment on that. I can his he has some dislikes about the american way, but you have to admit its not perfect. Whats wrong with looking at it, and exposing it for what it really is. I love action movies as much as the next man, but when it comes down to it, violence is violence. You put the gun into someones hands and make it accessable, we as people are flawed, we have emotion and irrational moments, and thats all it takes is an irrational moment. I wouldn't trust myself with a gun, but I know I would sure appreciate having one if someone with a gun was after me or in my home, but I don't worry about it, when it is my time to go, its my time, For people who come from christian roots, why is everyone so afraid to die??? I mean why else own a gun?? What is the point, I'm trying to understand, being a canadian it doesn't really make sense to me, I have been in the US, before I have been to Ohio and Michigan, there is definately a different atmosphere in the States then in Canada. Have you ever been outside the US, and what is different, did you get a different sense of 'way of life'

    Anyways why own a gun is my question?? How is it beneficial to you?
  3. let the flammage begin. As an American, I will use my right to bear arms. It's basically a trust issue. I do not trust anyone with my life, so I will do all that I can to protect my life myself. Some believe that all guns should be banned, boy would criminals LOVE to hear this in America. The black market would then be thriving because gun prices would soar, and every black market weapon would not be able to be tracked, so while your sleeping in your bedroom with your family someone breaks into your home and guess what, they've got a gun and there's basically nothing you can do. Now, if this ban had not been put into place, you'd still have your .357 whatever and when the invader just drops his attention from you, that's when you let the lead fly to protect yourself and your loved ones. This reason alone is what wants me to have a gun in every room of my house so that no matter where I am at in my house, I can defend myself.
  4. You gonna shoot birds with that pellet gun?

    THIS is a gun.


    And here's her with her little sister...this is the work horse, but no where near as fun.

  5. I agree with you about the blackmarket and criminals having there weapons still. History has taught us this about gun control, any country that has had it the people have suffered because the weapons were taken out of there hands, but the criminals, the underground, and the government still had them. At least I have read this side of the arguement, it has its validity.

    I do believe Michael Moore is biting the hand that feeds him, because he is an active participant in our society and his bread and butter is made in the capatalist way.

    I live in a country where I'm not allowed to have a gun, at least not in my vehicle and if it is it has to be locked up in the trunk with no ammo basically. Hunting purposes only. You get caught with a gun you go to jail. Now why am I not afraid to go out at night?? or worried about getting killed in the middle of the night. I'm more afraid to have a gun in my home, then someone breaking in and killing me. Why is that?? can you explain that to me?? And no I'm not to dumb to know better, if that is what your thinking.

    I am a Canadian so Basically I'm an american who can't carry a gun and have health coverage by the government. I am just curious as to why there is such a difference between you guys and us up north here when it comes to fear of intruders and the rights to protect yourselves/ourselves. Where has that difference in mentality come from???
  6. wow, teggie really stirred things up by just showing off his new toy hehe.

    I'm going to add my comment on this conversation.

    I for one think it's not a bad idea to be able to posess a weapon for your own protection.

    What I do not like is how accessible guns can be in the united states. before anyone patronises me, i am fully aware that an AK47 assault rifle can be purchased in many 3rd world countries for under $100.00 USD.
    for arguements sake tho, lets just keep things focused in north america.

    From what integraholic says, i get the impression that the background check on your criminal record is not very thorough, and that people that shouldn't be allowed to hold guns are able to get them fairly easily by being deceptive.
    if anyone has more details on what has just been said, please, i am all ears to being corrected.

    my point is that, maybe the government can try harder to prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands. i fully agree with the american right to bear arms, i just do not fully agree on the fact that so many people can abuse that right, and more things should be done to keep those type of people away from guns.

    if there was a more effective system, i for one would not mind canada allowing posession of firearms for the purpose of self defence. i am sure many canadian members on this board would disagree with me, but its just my opinion.
  7. Screw the socialists. They are all commies.
  8. LOL are you really ron jeremy?
  9. My friend was denied a permit for embezzeling charges from over 5 years ago. Our background checks are thorough.
  10. i stand corrected. thank you for clearing that up.
  11. Anytime you give people rights or privilages, there is gonna be a select few that abuse it. If people don't have those rights, the only ones to abuse it are the criminals. Which I believe to be fairly small compared to the masses. If the laws are so thorough, why not have as thorough control over weapons and who posseses them.

    Ron my friend, you have qualities resembling the handicapped. Get back on the short bus where you belong.(Note to mods: I take offence to the commie remark, so I do believe I have the right to protect myself by insulting RJ in a constructive way.) I am playing devils advocate here by the way, I don't truely believe that nobody should have a weapon, I just think the thinking of I have the right to bear arms and I'll kill anybody that messes with me perpetuates the cycle of things. I don't live in a perfect world either I just wish there were answer so people would stop being such dumbasses(not talking about gun owners, just dumb ones.) I believe protect yourself sure, I hate that about Canada, If someone came in my home and I shot them, I would go to jail for manslaughter(stupid hey). On the other hand I hear of Columbine, or occasionally when I'm paying attention to the news, I hear of some ass who gets pissed in the middle of traffic and kills another person, now what is gonna thru the mind of that individual?? And tragically the kid who picks up a loaded weapon in the home and blows his head off or his sibblings head off or whatever. There has got to be a better way of doing things but again I don't live in a perfect world so whatever, just being a dick I guess.
  12. what kinda gun is that chaos a desert eagle?
  13. If by "chaos" you mean The Brahma Bull then you'd be right. Its a Desert Eagle.

  14. I don't have any guns, my dad hates them and we were absolutel not gonna have them in my house. I don't real know why. I've on;y shot a few real guns (as in not BB guns) A 12 guage, a 20 guage, and a taurus .38 revolver. I shot all of them frivelously into the woods and had a blast. They're just cool mechanical devices that are interesting to see in action. :shrug: I hope to buy a over/under 12 guage soon because I recently discovered there is a skeet and trap club down the road, seems fun.
    As far as little mike. I don't have a problem with taking a look at america, critcising our country is part of the game. I just get pissed at stuff like the Daily show and M. Moore because they reprstent a legitmate opinion to alot of ignorant people. He can be equated to people who jump all over stupid arguments against chistianity that don't make any sense. like, "The bible says god created the earth, scientists say it evoled. That proves chritianity wrong." Do you see what I mean? Another thing is he never offers any help. All he does is critcise things, I don't have many anwsers either. But, I'm not making mock documenteries ****ing about things I dont understand.

    EDIT: sorry about the typos :nonono: crappy laptop keyboard
  15. This is my car/house alarm aka CUJO no one dares to mess with my sheeznit.

  16. My ammo is bigger than that dog.
  17. eh i stick with my good ole 20 gauge.....sometimes my 32 special rifle.....use that one for squirrel hunting. I know I shot something...not sure what it was though.... :rlaugh:
  18. 12 gauge buckshot does the squirrels good...
  19. buck shot???????? for the squirrels it's so much better to use a deer slug. It keeps you from having anything to pick up.