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Jun 25, 2013
FIRST POST! hey just bought a 65 coupe and it came with a bunch of stuff im not planning on using so i thought i would post it up here.

79 302 truck motor-turns and inside looks good - $200 obo pickup

Mallory dual points distributor- hardly used, $50 (2755101a )with cap

260 factory air breather - gold with 260 sticker on top- good shape - $40

set of 64.5 hubcaps with the spinners on them- good shape, centers are pretty clear- $100

eventually i'll be pulling the stock suspension, rear end and replacing all of it with newer stuff -currently five lug stock- if you are in cincinnati ohio and interested feel free to stop by and check it out- also if you are just a classic mustang buff it would be nice to meet some mustang people- been into porsches for 10 years so im getting back into the classic car scene. Thanks - Dan. 513-400-6883
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Not open for further replies.