Sbf turbo ms2 pnp help


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Aug 2, 2010
I'm on need of some direction. Were working on my son's car, 90 fox coupe, stock bottom end, gt40 turbo swirl heads, Holley systemax upper and lower. 60lb injectors and a 340 pump. Trying tonuse e85. Pony down turbo kit with an hx35 compressor. C4. No fancy parts just trying to make a little power and keep it alive. Purchased the ms2 pnp for tuning. I loaded the na tune that was in the software and changed the injector size. Unplugged the iac and opened the throttle enough to make it idleto set the timing to match in the ecu. With the iac plugged in it will run for a few seconds and die regardless of engine temp. Thus the reason for opening the throttle blade. But it surges bad and still wants to die. Found a target afrtable for e85 thatch copied and the same for spark advance table. Up to 200kpa although I'm only shooting for 6 or 8 psi at this point. No matter how much fuel I add or subtract in the ve table I can't get it to smooth out. Past about 2k rpm I can make it need pretty clean and smooth. I know I've made some giant rookie mistakes I just need someone to point me in the right direction. Any inoutnis greatly appreciated.
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