SC tuning and injector questions.

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Foxfan88, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. i got my SC installed and its running good but can feel there is hidden power that i can unlock with some tuning. all my mods are in my sig

    ran it at the track. was a bad day so it wasnt running 100%, had a bad launch but didnt really pick up the mph on the end like i expected. only trapped 105 on the 1st pass. didnt get a chance to dial it much it started raining but i figured it would have done better. but before the boost it got around 103

    the car will pull your head off in 1st and second, its nothing like it was before (was a pig lol). it also gets up faster in 3rd and 4th. but it seems like it may be starving for fuel maybe in 3rd and 4th where high rpm is sustained longer i duno?? just didnt seem to pick up like it felt in the car. granted the air had moisture and it was hot outside and just a bad track day but i figured i would have see a pretty nice gain regardless.

    i am still running 19lbers with the FMU the kit i have is made for stock engines and is designed to use with factory injectors. i duno if my mods are extensive enough to be too much for the 19lbers or what? i run a 190 lph pump i am pretty sure it flows enough fuel but maybe not??

    the car also seemed to run rich around town after the SC. a gassy smelly that got real bad. i checked FP, it was around 38-39 psi at idle with line off and plugged. the car suffered a huge decrease in fuel economy

    i adjusted it to around 35 and it seemed to run a little better.

    and i am also wondering how much power 24 lbers could handle. would they feed my engine plus the boost and a possible 8-10 psi in the future??

    and is it very effiecient to just tune the computer for 24 lbers via a tweecer and get rid of the FMU? or would this run too high of a duty cycle for the 24s?

    i'm going to tinker around some more and get some better runs at the track and see how it does.

    thanks for any help!