Scale Auto Model Build Off?

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  1. Someone mentioned having a scale model build off.
    Sounds great to me. Just a few things we would have to decide on.

    Time to complete- Two Months or more?
    Which Kit- Probably some sort of Ford
    Updates- Would participants have to provide weekly updates?
    Modifications- Would changes to the model be alowed and how much?

    I was thinking we would have to get a Sticky put up of the competition. Have people join the build off. Then start it around Febuary and go till March/April.
    The kit would have to be readily available. And as far as modifications go, Id say its pretty open.

  2. i just bought 2 gt verts from wally world 5 bucks each.. Ill get in on this action.. I say use what the kit comes with..
  3. Id like to be able to use different wheels and such. And I say any scratch built part is ok. Im sure alot of the modelers on here have model "junkyards" full of spare parts and such.

    We will probably end up voting on most of this... lol
  4. Dude, count me in!!!!! I'd have to do a Vanilla Ice tribute complete with a big saleen wing, AR Hammer wheels, big Oakley windshield banner............

    There should be like a 2-3 week build period however.
  5. 2-3 weeks would be alright.
    Maybe start the end of January and go to March 1st?
  6. Im doing a vert
  7. No way!!!! Anyone can build it the way it's supposed to be, hacking and creativity should be encouraged.
  8. I found an '88 gt and 94 gt so I can build a copy of the real thing...
  9. I'm in...........GT350-H

    Unlimited mods or box stock?
    =You need to be able to add some this a go?
  10. How about narrowing it down to like 3 mustangs to choose from, and then letting people customize however they want?
  11. See not all of us know where to get our custom parts from..

  12. Well if you know how to use google or yahoo you can find the same stuff the rest of us use:D
  13. I would love to get in on this, but I would have a hard time meeting any of the deadlines. It usuallly takes me a while to build a model. My interest and availability comes and goes. I still have not finished by 97 Cobra that I started over a year ago.

    I think the idea about getting a couple different ones to choose from is a good idea. It will bring variety. Plus, it may be hard for everyone to find the same model at a reasonable price.
  14. Mod:

    Can we get this sticky'd and make an official 1 month build off. I can head up the rules and regulations if needed.
  15. If i can get my act together I will jump into the mix with my 87 Turbo Coupe model...either that or I will find me a fox Mustang to do and model it after my car :p
  16. hobby shops around my house carrie butt loads of spare parts rims tires hoods, and interiors...

  17. Support your local hobby shop:nice:

    Down with Wal-Mart

    Whats say we start this thing January 15th...........End date March 1st
    That gives everyone a few days to get a kit and supplies.

    Has to be a Mustang, any year or model. Unlimited modifications. Has to be based off a Mustang chassis and body. long as it looks like a Mustang we'll consider it !
  18. I say we do the yellow Cobra model shown above. They are ALL over Ebay, and should be easy to get. I say allow anything goes, no rules on what you can/cant do, just a time limit!

    For those worried about others having an advantage, this is your opprotunity to step it up a few notches!