Scale Auto Model Build Off?

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  1. If I just finished a model a few months ago can I show it or do I have to start a fresh build for this?
  2. I say fresh build but post up some pics..
  3. Here is my 06 Mustang GT done in the closest color I could find to Legend Lime. I added seatbelts door locks, engine wiring, and coil packs.






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  4. Here is my 70 Boss 429 and my 65 fastback that I finished about a year ago.










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  5. Love the engine hoist!!!
  6. yep, Nice stuff. who do you buy your PE parts and distributor wiring from?? My hobby shops don't carry anything so i always have to turn to looking online..
  7. Yes, very cool stuff Fast93!
  8. Sometimes there is enough space on the kits distributor to drill and add wiring and other times I use a Photo Etched kit, I get them from one of the 3 hobby stores I frequent in the Dallas area. Ebay works too or direct from the Detail Master Site (google it)
  9. Demented5oh,

    Thanks again for the wing last year. I was finally able to complete that look.



    I decided to do the SVO stock because it's simply going to be too much work to get the nose and 1/4 windows to work. One day they will hopefully release an LX model.
  10. I wish I could make a model look like my car. I started a '93 S10 kit to look like the one I had but I sold the truck 4 years ago and still havent finished the kit.

    I see you go to Lebanon Valley Dragway. Me too.
  11. Yeah, I went a little crazy when I built that one. Even without the wing, it took me over a year to finish it because I kept losing interest. I had to buy two kits because the first one I bought on Ebay was opened and didn't come with the Pony wheels. I sent away for the light bar from Revell-Monogram (ordered as an extra part from the Saleen convertible model), and traded the Saleen wing that came with the kit to Demented5oh for the 94-98 Gt wing.

    Lebanon Valley is fun. I actually haven't been there in almost 5 years though. It's been hard to find the time with work.
  12. Ahh good old LVD, been there a few times (a LOT actually).

    Models look goos guys. Mines at a stand still because of the damn 1:1 car I have!
  13. I love LVD.......nice looking vert.
  14. I think i've pretty much finished my chassis except for gluing everything together. I'm working retarded hours at work, one day off a week if i'm lucky :(
  15. I try to go to LVD every Wednesday. I went all summer but didnt have the Mustang until the end of August so I was just a spectator.

    Its been too cold in my room to work on my Cobra kit the past week or so. I dont have heat in there. Also no heat in the garage so I cant spray paint anything.
  16. For the dizzy, I used to heat up twist-ties (after removing the paper) and just have them melt their way into the dizzy, then I'd paint them black or whatever... For huge wires, you can use solid wire such as you'd find in phone lines... This was way back when you didn't have fancy parts for details. Damn it, I feel like building a model now
  17. Here is a picture of the 1997 Cobra I just finished. Well, I am calling it finished, but there are a couple areas I need to touch up. This thing was hard to build. Some of the body panels just didn't want to line up.

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    Here is my official admission photo for the contest. Among this mess is a 1986 SVO. I have been working on it, and will post progress pictures when I get a chance.

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  18. 5.0 Nostalgia I got the same calendar for christmas :nice:
  19. Yeah, my uncle just got me that recently. I love the picture for November. I have the same picture in black and white in the 5.0 Technical Reference and Performance Handbook, but it is much better in color.