Scale Auto Model Build Off?

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  1. Heres my 88 GT targa top

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  2. i like the paint scheme but man that kit blows! I have 2 of those 88gt kits. I didn't realize how little detail they had. You should remake that but with one of the 93 cobra kits. it would be sweet.
  3. I have to agree. It looks like you put a lot of time into that model. Paint looks great, interior looks detailed, but they didn't give you much to work with. Just out of curiousity, does the interior come with an automatic shifter? I ask because the transmission appears to be an automatic. Too bad I didn't have that when I did my 91 GT model.
  4. Looks great Mac, very close to my real cars paint scheme!
  5. was that car in a snow storm?
  6. Thats exactly my paint scheme to be! Yea the interior has a stick shift but with an Auto, and the door panels are from a four eye. It took me like 4 days to finish it after i effed up the paint the first time around. I shaved the cats off the exhaust, I dont like how its not an H pipe.
  7. Anybody have any progress? Except for some touch up, I am finished.
  8. im basically done as well just waiting for everyone else LOL
  9. Does that model come with the Weld Draglites?
  10. No it doesnt, not sure where he got them, but they look awesome!

    I have done nothing to mine, might actually paint it the colors of my car, but not for a while!
  11. thanks,they came in a kit i bought probably 5 years ago it was a mustang funny car.
  12. Well......i have to put down the wet coat of paint and then clear it in a day or so. the rest is pretty much done, just waiting for the deadline day to post pics!
  13. WOW!!! looking at all these models brings back memories. I have about a dozen of un opened models 2 or 3 Fox's verts and hardtops, a few Grand Nationla models and some 89 Turbo Trans Am models. i also have a couple storage bins full of tires and wheels and all other misc stuff. I was big into tricking these models out 15 years ago. I need to do some digging and throw some mustangs together for this little "competition" . Fabbed roll cages is fairly easy but my man that did that cowl hood thats great.

    hopefully you will see some pics of my stuff soon enough. Now what to do what to do. Get the models togehter or get the Race car ready to race. hmmmmmm

  14. I havent worked on my Cobra in a few weeks. Its been too cold in my room (no heat in there) and way too cold in the garage and basement to spray paint.
  15. ok that's it, I will finish my black hatch lol
  16. I hear ya, I have had serious motivation problems lately.
  17. Sorry been kicking my butt and life in general, forgot all bout posting up some new pics of the SS...So here ya go:


    I'll try to get some clearer pics this weekend.
  18. Diggin those wheels Scott!