Scale Auto Model Build Off?

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  1. I did a 89 SHO that needs touching up last week, and now I'm working on a crazy detailed 1960 Ford Starliner that I customed a little bit, pulled the bumpers it, fatter tires on the back, lowered in the front, and of coarse a custom paint job. haha I love having a ton of time during college.
  2. I might work on mine some tonight. It's been sitting collecting dust for weeks. I haven't even touched the interior or body yet :(
  3. Mine is almost done.......if i could pull myself away from the interweb it would prolly be done!
  4. I actually stripped the paint off mine this past week. Didnt do much but get the paint and primer off it. I plan to redo it as it did not come out like I wanted!
  5. Not a Mustang but still a Ford! Its a semi custom 1960 Starliner. I put a ton of time into it. Theres a few imperfections but overall Im real happy with it. Its definitely one of the most detailed models I've ever seen. There were little valve springs under the valve covers! Alot of taping and cutting for this paint job! LOL

    I still have a 66 Coupe that Im putting a 99 cobra motor in haha, and a 88 GT convertable to paint like grey5.0beasts car.

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  6. looks good man!