scam or what???

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    I know a guy who got one of these recently and said he noticed an immediate power increase... i don't believe him. I think these are a scam. Anybody else agree? Tell me what y'all think.
  2. Are you fuggin serious? These probably just lowe rpower and fuel efficiency by block the friggin intake tract. don't buy em.

    those things are a joke. I reminder kids in high school getting them because they didn't know any thing about cars.

  4. THE ONLY THING FUNNIER THAN THIS THREAD IS UR AVATAR!!! :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: HAHAH TURBONATOR:rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: I THINK THEY HAD THOSE IN A DONKEY KONG GAME OR SOMETHING :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  5. it infact claims that it doesnt work.. just read the damn paragraphs.. vortex of air.. which creates turbulence.. which fugs up your Air to fuel ratio.. and it blocks flow... so no it is basically crap
  6. I have a fuel gennie and it said it creates a vortex. Should I take it out.
  7. They dont work,matter of fact,you'll loose power.

  8. what the turbonator or the genie
  9. The turbonator...

    The genie takes a piss of nitro into the motor..."magic nitro".
  10. :lol:

    Aren`t the Turbonator and the Fuel Genie basically the same rip off contraptions under different names?

    If you have one in place,throw it in the garbage.

  11. Yea,the only differance you could possable feel is how much more power you get when it falls out of the tube because you hit a speed bump and forget to put the air filter on the end.

    Did you see they make them for carbs too?

    What a joke,carb require a straigth,high speed air stream through the booster and venturii.

    Mostly in that case,the "Turbonator" will cause the "terbulant air" to draw extra fuel through the booster (do to the now great possability of reversion) and actually give you worst gas milage and an even ****tier running engin.

  12. Mine is just a piece of moulded plastic that gets jammed in the intake tube after the filter. I thought I would try it last summer when gas prices doubled. He instaled it for me and then said 100 buks I was like I didn't even say I wanted it. So I said well it's already in so heres your not so hard earned money. He said if you don't notice more power by the time you get it in 5th bring it back for a full refund. I couldn't tell and was going to go back but thought I will use the 30 warrenty that he gave me. I really couldn't tell if I got better gas mileage or not and by the time I was going to take it back the 30 days was 35 so I was out 100 buks. If it does add like 1-2 MPG I figured it would pay for itself in a few years lol. Maby I will just sell it on ebay for whatever I can get for it.
  13. bwahaha, i knew it. What a terd. Know i'm going to rub it in his face...

    Basically, stupid kids with camrys who are wanna be ricers are getting them. They should close down those companies for false advertising. I read a thing from this guy who said he dyno tested before and after and actually LOST like 5 horses with the turbonator in...

    well, guys, thanks for verifying my theory

  14. If you do a search on stangnet or corral or any other Mustang forum,(or other car forums),I doub`t you will find anyone recommending the Turbonator anywhere.It`s a JOKE.
  15. What you need to do is duct tape a leaf blower inside your engine bay like that video on streetfire. They did that to a honda on a dyno and it worked and the other guy stood there with a bottle of N2o and cracked the valve into the intake of the leaf blower. I think it gave them like 40-50 more horses.
  16. I have teh original metal one... it came with the car and makes a pretty whistling sound. I'm taking it out 2morrow I guess :)
  17. What a good idea You can just ship it to me I will give you $50 to ship it.

  18. Wait a minute... are they worth sumthin' or what :shrug:

    Are you tryin' to swindle me Roland??? :p
  19. I thought you were talking about a S/C or a Turbo. Then I got thinking maby you ment you had a Tornado fuel saver or whatever they call them selves.