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  1. My car stalled today and would not restart. I guessed it would be the fuel pump because i take good care of my car. I had it towed to a shop that diagnosed a faulty fuel pump. They quoted me a price of 180 dollars for the pump. Sounded high so i got on line to get more price quotes. I got 3 on line from $130 to $150. I decieded to call a ford dealer and the service employee gave me a price of $840 to relace the pump ($520 for the pump alone). I got SO angry i wanted to expose these people. PACIFIC FORD ,Long Beach, CA :nono:
  2. wow, take a xanax bud.... nobody forced you to pay the dealer price
  3. $520 for a 88LPH fuel pump is a tad high. :rofl:
  4. I didn't have it serviced at the dealer. Relax
  5. I once ordered a chocolate shake from the drive through window at McDonalds. They gave me vanilla!!!! :fuss:
  6. Yeah, it's more than a tad high!! Thanks
  7. I can identify with you but on the other side of the fence Ford has people bringing stuff in that will pay that. They are always busy. Sure it sucks cause u want the name u can trust working on your ride but if u cant afford it then they dont care. Ive been a hobby tech forever and one thing I always noticed about Ford was that they make things to break. They change the parts by moving a bolt hole or whatnot so they have a leg to stand on when some rich old man would happen to ask why its so high. Can u hear them telling the old man about how rare the part is and how hard to come by? Then u can by china junk but it wont last speech. Ford has been working us for a long time and they have that part down. They make it so we have to buy parts and where just so stupid we keep putting up with it. Cheaper for them to build, and a whole lot of cash on the back end too.

    Heres one worth pissing over. Get a dodge ram. It gets 13mpg. Drive it for 210k. How much did u spend in gas all by itself? Try $60,000 Then add cost to keep it working. I dont see anyone pissing about that. We all should be though.
  8. This is the welcome thread, not voice my complaints to a bunch of randoms I don't know.