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  1. InfernoGT also known as "Trooperstang" and several other names is a pure piece of scat scammer ! He goes by "Arthur Dante" [email protected]. He took me over for 1500 in the sn95 classifieds for a vortech s trim and then tried scamming other members !! Also On NMRADIGITAL he scammed sveral members too! Anyone with some info on this slimeball fill me in
  2. did you pay with paypal? :shrug:
  3. Yes, I paid with paypal but he used a fake email and paypal account that he seems to have closed right after he scammed me. I'm not a big believer of paypal doing the right thing so i'm hoping so one can help me out with more information and more importantly making sure his scamming spree is over !
  4. InfernoGT sounds real familiar... Like I'm used to seeing that sn. Is he not a regular poster around here?
  5. I thought the same thing Nic, the guy that posts regularly in the wheel has a similar name but "Inferno GT" only has 6 posts and joined in july 2010. looks like he posted a few tech answers though which is odd for someone who just intends to rip people off :shrug:
  6. Find out where he lives and ..... well you know what to do im sure.

    This is one reason i would never buy from some rando off the internet
  7. InfernoGT hasn't logged in since he scammed me, but using his other name he IS logging in and he IS watching these threads. he is also active on the corral and nmradigital I PM'd him with the damning evidence linking his two usernames and he promptly blocked me. I also found his ebay account which he also scammed with . This guy is trash
  8. How long ago did you pay for it?
  9. Sometime last week, i sent several payments to him, that last of which is sent July 30th. I have opened all paypal claims.
  10. Proxy perhaps, but the 2 users mentioned do not share the same IP
  11. I figured that. I tracked him down and confronted him and he kept throwing the "I'm a state cop" line thinking I'll back down. Most likley thats why he was smart enough to use a proxy and hide his tail so much. Another member has been scammed to and is on crusade with me now.
  12. Yup, came close to buying this blower. Before I did though, I emailed his email address and got in contact with a good guy from another forum.

    Busted. I hate scammers. Were supposed to be a club.
  13. *correction* googled his email address.
  14. Feel like I'm chasing a ghost.There is a Zach Ruble who died at age 19 in an accident in Utah, he was from Kentucky. Another Zach Ruble is a triathlete, from Indiana, but currently living in Florida.Found another age 24 living with his parents in the Lancaster, Bluffton area.Rick , Beacon - Wells County, IN
  15. How did you get the name?
  16. We found the name when he slipped up and used the scammer email under his other username "Trooperstang" he also gave his cell number out under that username. That led to finding his real email that he used to register his other account with. That led to his name and address. Or maybe Lash has a crystal ball haha, he may. he somehow found his parents address for me as well. I've given the email and phone number over to a fellow member who was scammed
  17. Lash is scarey good at finding people on the web.
  18. There are no other usernames on stangnet that are associated with the username trooperstang.

    machuginah and inferno gt both match.