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  1. thanks for the heads up!
  2. Good job holding the check. You should report the incident to the government. I believe the FBI likes to know about this kind of thing.

    Anyone accepting personal checks should always hold them for the full 15 day period before sending the items out to make sure the checks are good.
  3. Who in their right mind wouldn't hold a check until it cleared? I thought that was standard procedure? :shrug:
  4. You would be surprised how many people don't know about that.
  5. scammer

    he got mad at me for holding the check, he called me dishonest
    all I could do was laugh.
    1. no one sends you a $3000 for a $35 part
    2. the cashiers check drawen on a sideside bank, but came from overseas.
    3. No return address, he said he would have someone pick it up.
    4. he wanted me to send him a cashiers check for the remaining balance.
    why get mad at me for holding the check?
  6. An honest person with half a brain would, if anything, expect you to do so. The rest of the stuff he wanted you to do smacks of a scam as well. It's such an overused method, I'm constantly amazed that it still works. :rolleyes:

    Only an idiot would use a check to pay for something they wanted fast. If someone is picking up the item you sold, they can bring cash, right?

    You handled it well. Let this be a reminder to everyone: Don't release the goods until the money is sitting in your hand.
  7. scammers

    He emailed me again, accusing me of be a dishonest american.
    I told him if he wants the check back to come here, I will fill him
    full of holes while I wait for the police.
    I calmly told him the check he sent me was a counterfeit.
    I am surprised that people get taken, I mean hell, if it sounds
    to good to be true, it is. My dad raised no fool.
    I hope people out there read and heed.
  8. I can't beleive he even e-mailed you back complaining, that's hillarious!! Unfortunately people fall for this all the time!
  9. It seems to be a common tactic to get mad, make threats, etc when someone doesn't play along with the scammer. I guess they think they'll scare the victim into doing what they want. :shrug:
  10. Nick Padberg is back ...

    Hello everybody,

    I just have red you post, It's crazy :eek:. Actually I'm selling a motorbike in Paris (France). First, someone whose name is < Christophe Lacaze > has contacted me ([email protected]) from Germany perhaps ? I don't know.

    He wanted to buy my motorbike and he is ready to send me a check. I have said to him that it is crazy to send a check to someone that he doesn't know , just after sending few lines in a message by internet.

    Well, no more answer during few days ... but now I have messages from a certain < Nick Padberg > ([email protected]), he is the transporter and has the check for me to buy the motorbike !?

    I have answered him that I'm actually abroad (true) and I will be in Paris next week (02/2011).

    Thank's for your post :nice:.

    I will ask for cash or nothing ....

    I don't know if I have to make an appointment with him and ... a policeman :shrug: ?
    I dont think that policeman will have the time to come with me to see that men (Nick Padberg ?).

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Not open for further replies.