Scarebird Disc Conversion And Other Brake Questions

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  1. 1965 coupe, I6, auto trans, manual brakes

    Has anyone done a drum to disc brake conversion using Scarebird brackets lately?

    I am thinking about do it on a 65 Coupe with an I6 and auto transmission. I want to stick with the 4 lugs so I do not have to change the rear end.

    A couple of other questions;
    Should I install a power booster on the brakes?
    Do I need a proportioning valve? When would one need a proportioning valve?
    Can I use the Scarebird bracket to change the back drums to disc brakes?

    What else should I be considering?

    Thank you all for your help.
  2. If you have the master cylinder with only one reservoir then you should change it to the one with the two.

    Putting a power booster in means a new pedal assembly. And some drilling on the firewall.
  4. I just saw a complete kit somewhere last night that would do the 7.25 rear to disk. It included front disks,4 calipers, pad, booster, brake peddle and the whole shabang for $1300. I was interested until I saw where it said 14" stock disk brake wheels or larger. I have 67 14" drum wheels and hub caps and I guessed they wouldn't fit???
    Eventually I think I will find some 15" wheels. I would be modding the 7.25 Axle flange and not changing the out rear end. Unless I could do it for Gears and the price would need to be right. I'll see if i can find the link. If i do I'll post it here. Maybe I'm full of it too and my brain ant right.
  5. I knew i saw somthing.
    If i thought my 67 drum brake wheels would fit i would buy this kit now but ???
    Hope this link works or might still look like my brain is damaged
    If somone can tell me 67 4 bolt wheel with the 67 only hub cap have room around the hardware i would much appreciate it.
    Or if my hub caps will fit 14" disk brake wheel and that steel disk wheel are $100 a set, DEAL DONE! This would be in this years budget and make my wife and HER car very Happy. Gloss black wheel steel wheels would be fine for me, But not Bling enough for my sweet wife and her Dads car.
  6. the hub caps dont care if the wheels are drum or disc brake wheels, they only care about the diameter and the mounting points. as for steel wheels, if you need a set try wheel vintique. they make custom wheels how ever you need them.
  7. I read last night that 68 and newer 14" are disk compatible.
    I have a mint set of these.

    Now if i could tell the difference between 14" disk and drum wheels and could get a set that would clean up for around a $125 it’s a done deal. And if my hub caps fit 4 or 5 lug 14" wheels I would go for the 5 lug brake kit and modified my 4 bolt rear axle flanges to 5 lug. Then in a few years treat my wife to a set of these.

    My apologies to GuysDigDirt for hijacking your thread.
  8. As rbohm already pointed out, disk and drum rims are the same. I had 67 drums and put the 4 piston K/H front brakes on my 67 and didn't have to change my rims.