scared about getting a dyno tune

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  1. im getting my 89 dyno tuned and im a little nervous it's gunna blow up. i've had a hard time researching how they tune it. if anyone can give me some info on exactly how this works it would be appreciated.
  2. where are you planning on going ? most guys start with a VERY conservative tune to keep everything safe and then up timing and lean the fuel till you get a number that is considered safe on the parts you have
  3. Why would you be worried about a dyno tune? Unless the shop/tuner you are going to is a complete dump/tool, you should be fine.

    As far as the "trauma" on the car goes...well, you likely beat on your car more each time you drive it than what any stress a respectable tuner will put the car through.
  4. First off, as long as you are going to a good reputable shop you don't have anything to worry about. The first thing they will do is give you a waiver to sign and a paper to declare that it is mechanically sound and has oil, blah blah blah. It will ask you everything about the engine and fuel system. There should also be a place to write any issues your are having like surging idles, cutting out, stalling, etc. If not make sure and tell them. Then they will give it a once over. Then strap it to the dyno, attach all necassary equipment (data logger, monitors, chip, etc) and set the timing to base. They won't just go hammering wot on it. They will see how the car is responding and adjust accordingly. Trust me they don't want to blow your car up no more than you want them to. That doesn't make repeat business or bring in new business.
  5. In short, if your car can't handle winding it out to about 6k RPM, then you probably should be worried about other things and not getting it tuned.
  6. so i brought my car to the tuner and they told me they were going to do it without putting in a chip. i thought this was a little strange but they told me that they can do it just by adjusting the timing and fuel pressure. does my car need a chip to be tuned properly? and what kind of chip do i need?
  7. lol, that is not a "real" dyno tune and you are not going to get nowhere close to the power, driveablity, etc that you will get out of a "real" dyno tune. I hope they aren't sticking it to ya price wise. A real dyno tune is ~$600. What you are describing is about ~$200. To answer your question...yes you have to be on a dyno and have a chip burned (unless you have a Tweecer, Anderson PMS, etc) to be tuned properly.

    I would find a good tuner....
  8. so what kind of chip do i need?