sc'd 99's come in here

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 54life, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. I am ready to put down $4600 for a kenne bell 1700 for my 99 cobra pushing 6.5 psi with the 90 mm MAF and cold air kit it comes with. They claim I will put down 426 rwhp. How much boost are you running on the stock block? Any info for me would be highly beneficial. How loud is the 1700? I can't find any sound clips anywhere and the kb website says it is whisper quiet but I am convinced I'm gonna hear that typical screw type whine. Thanks guys
  2. Not sure, but I'll bet with the pulley to spin it at 6.5 lbs of boost, it won't be loud at all.
  3. It wont be as loud as say, a blowzilla pushing 10psi, but it will definately be audible. You will enjoy it.

    If I were you, i'd search around for a used Vortech kit. You could have that much hp for half the price. They arent the same kind of power though so if your don't care about scrounging dollars then KB is a sweet blower. Good luck :nice:
  4. I'm lured by the fact that the kb will produce 426 rwhp at only 6 psi and achieve max boost by 2000 rpm (have you seen the dyno sheets on these? amazing) I find the stock bottom end to be too fragile for a supercharger with a small (8-10) amount of boost and my right foot. So the kenne bell seems the best candidate and I have 5 g's to drop so what the h e l l you know. Plus If I read right the thing is upgradeable. try getting 426 rwhp from 6 psi on a centrifugal with the type of tune that the kb has (very comfortable) it probably won't happen.....prove me wrong though. I was going to go with the ati procharger at first but shy'd away after hearing about the kb 1700