School me, I needs the clutch info.

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by fiveofanatic, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. The car is a '97 Cobra, but you already knew that. :D

    Brands, not such a big deal (though I do want your opinions). What I'm wondering about is:

    Clutch size. Is the car's stock size 10.5" like the 5.0? Was there a swap to an 11" setup? When? Will it retrofit to my car?

    Clutch cables & quadrants. Do 5.0 quadrants fit the 4.6 cars? I have an old billet one from when a T-5 swap was planned for the '90 convertible, & would prefer using it vs buying another one. How about cables? I don't care about firewall adjustability, I am able to get under the car easily enough. Any cable brands to avoid? Summit lists an FRPP cable without the quadrant, FMS-M7553C302, but they list it for 82-96. Is this correct, it won't fit a '97?

    Gears should be going in soon, & I don't imagine the original 45,000 mile clutch will be lasting long after that. Time to start planning.
  2. My Spec Stage II has been very good for me...

    As for cables, people haven't had good luck with aftermarket cables...just go to your local Ford dealer and get an OEM one, they seem to hold up the best...
  3. Your car will be okay with only 45k even with gears...I still have the stock clutch on mine and my mods are in my [email protected] 65,xxxx