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  1. Bill I am just trying to see what your sim is telling you
    4.14 DCR with a IVC 74 ABDC started with a 5.43 SCR
    3.75 DCR with a IVC 74 ABDC started with a 4.88 SCR
    4.14 DCR with a IVC 79 ABDC started with a 5.69 SCR
    3.75 DCR with a IVC 79 ABDC started with a 5.11 SCR

    If you start with 9.0 SCR will have
    6.67 DCR with a IVC 74 ABDC
    6.35 DCR with a IVC 79 ABDC

    So either you are giving the sim different numbers than us or something is wrong.

    I would like to add that the above numbers are for a 4.6L and a 5.4L will only change them by about 0.02 each.

    I have also a attached a graph of dynamic compression ratio verse Intake valve closing ABDC this is for a 5.4L. With a SCR of 9.0:1.
  2. this motor i used to plug in your numbers is a stock 2000 5.4 cobra 'r'. not my setup. my c/r is 9.8 stock. 5.4 3v
  3. intake btdc-15 abdc 37
    exhaust btdc31 abdc -11

    116 111 atdc centerlines

    .050" seat timing

    those are stock settings for timing. (format)

  4. BTW there is no ABDC (after bottom dead center) or BTDC (before top dead center) involved in exhaust valve timing. The exhaust valve opens BBDC and closes ATDC.

    Let me fix these for you,

    IVO 15° BTDC
    IVC 37° ABDC

    EVO 11° BBDC
    EVC 31° ATDC

    Are you sure those are your cam specs, if so that's one hell of a custom grind considering it wouldn't even run, :p.
  5. After reading this whole thread, it sounds more like a big joke than anything. Just read some of the #'s and terms being thrown around.

    Anyways, I wouldn't run any of the cams suggested. I would just bore out my 5.4 to 8.0L and install custom ground flux capacitors with a little anerobic sealer in the subthermal conduction layer to allow for 50+ psi of boost from my quad T76 turbo setup.
  6. sorry about the typo, but i had a lot of tequila. every night.

    here are the 127300 specs from CC.
    in 10 btdc______32 abdc
    ex 67.5 bbdc___-12.5 atdc

    that is the basis for the grind i will purchase. i tried a lot of sim pulls then i sent them to AL and he suggested some changes. which of course i will use.

    if he remembers me. ask him.
  7. These numbers are 202 intake and 200 exhaust @ 0.05 very soft unless they are at a higher lift
    LSA 113.5
    Intake centerline 116
    Exhaust centerline 111
    Retarded 2.5

    These numbers are 222 intake and 235 exhaust @ 0.05 sounds better
    LSA 115.5
    Intake centerline 101
    Exhaust centerline 130
    It has been advanced 14.5 degrees. What are you doing with this motor that it needs this?
  8. What about his thread is a big joke? I thought there was some very valuable and accurate information being discussed.
  9. note that cam spec is noy mine(#2) but it is a basis for mine.

    with VCT it is great to have fairly radical cams idle smooth. the 127300 makes 344 rwhp in a lightly modded 05 mustang GT. stock heads, bolt ons. and it still get 23mpg. you cannot hear the cams lope at all. none.

    the cam i am installing is advanced 16 degrees until 3700 and gets retarded to 5 degrees advanced. it allows great low end with no torque loss and high rpm running.

    in that 05 GT his torque curve goes to 300 rwtq and rises slowly to 332 before slowly dropping. ~table flat.
  10. A typo? I could see if you had typed a letter off or something, but you completely muffed the exhaust valve event descriptions....hmmmm.

    By the way what simulation software are you using....just curious.

    Did you get a chance to post any pics of your 5.4 yet?
  11. so i muffed them. you know what i meant. it's very hard to get it right when i can hardly see.
  12. I am quite sure you will study my project so you can pick it apart. that is what you and your friend do. good for you. but the things i have tried and done are recommended to me directly by this guy. feel free to argue with him. he knows more about these cars than nearly anyone.

    if you do a search you will find out who he is. mustang people already know.

    in my estimation, others that think they know something are a freckle on his *ss. i take his word and advice before even AL.
  13. I didn't see any pictures of the installation in any of those threads.....Do you have any of the actual install?

    No I didn't know what you meant. What I saw was somebody trying to impress people by posting jibberish....and you got busted doing it. You may fool some with your posts...but not me. The further you continue, the hole you are digging is going to only get deeper. Why don't you just admit that you are new to all of this and ask for advice instead of pretending to give it. If you could just find it in yourself to just come might find that people just might afford you a little more respect.

    Am I to understand that you went through all the trouble of swapping a 5.4 into your 96 Mustang and you are only putting 249 RWHP down? Do you have a dyno graph?
  14. look in the dyno section of talk. how much hp do you expect it to have with stock 9 degrees of advance on tiny 4.6 cams? no vct yet. sheesh and you are an expert? hardly.

    there are plenty of pictures of it in the car. no install. i was by myself and in no mood for pictures. i had to figure out everything myself. ed gave me a few pointer,but i did it my way and not his. he got [email protected] with his.

    i could care less what you think. if i want any advice or training i will ask for it.

    you are once again trying to piss me off and get me started with that'you are new to this' KMA buddy.

    you are not going to get a swap manual from me. i did it. and i am driving it for 22,000 miles. only the 2nd person to do this swap and currently the only one driving it.

    go to and go to the tennessee chapter. the e-mail the chapter president. ask him anything you want about my car. hw sees it all the time. he saw the dyno with his own eyes.
  15. as far as i am concerned this is denegrating back into you and your buddy sharing your laptop starting crap again.

    you don't know me. so quit acting like you are psychic.

    you will also tell me i don't work for TVA
    i didn't attend APSU with a BS in computer science and an as in electronic ENGT.
    i don't live in clarksville tn
    i never worked on cars for a living.
    i have never written code or designed circuits.
    i don't know cobol,pascal,basic int basic,c,c++,sql server, java,html,etc.
    i dont actually own a stang
    i never swapped any motor any time
    i never had an 80 or 83 stang.
    that nitrous plate i posted doesn't exist.
    i didn't build any of my own motors or do any chasis work.
    the people that i worked for or did work for were imagining things.
    i don't have a spare 87 roller motor in the garage or a 4.6 4v sitting in the back yard

    all of it is a figment.???

  16. hasn't been any tech in this thread in several days.

  17. Yep, unless some TECH starts showing up again, this thing is going out to pasture.
  18. Hopefully some good tech will come from these questions.

    OK, now that we have all this info on head flow design for n/a motors, what happens when you have forced induction. Usually there is a big difference when you push air as opposed to pulling air, but I don't have any experience when it comes to flow in motors. Most of my experience in flow comes from combustion with burners (think boilers and heating systems). For the common street/strip engine (not a full race engine) does the head design make as much difference when you use forced induction. Limit the power to around 500-600 rwhp.

    Also, what happens to the flow when you add N20.

    One other question. When the flow numbers are measured, is the entire motor tested as a unit or just the heads by themselves? Does anyone have any pics of heads/motor being flow bench tested.
  19. Those are some good questions, and I will give them my best effort when I get back later after lunch. :)